Conveniently situated on the maximum distance from the axis of rotation of
the Third Rock from that BIG Gasball thingy...
which I think is called ... the Sun?

Eta Carinae : A hand Guided Exposure by Remus Chua and Weiliang
Manual guidance, OM-1, 50mm, 1.30min piggy-back on celestron C6.
We, the 1AU astro club, are not unlike any old stamp collecting club...
just that we collect Extraterrestrial photons and stick them on film instead of stamp albums.
Anyone is welcome to join us, and we are just a kludge of crazy, fun-loving people out to have a astronomical amount of fun!
Here is our list of equipment, member list, and fun stuff we do!!!.

The 1AU Club welcomes 2 new members:
Kenny Tan
Poon Zhung Wei
Welcome to the loonybin!
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