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My Astro Pictures

  One of my earlier pictures. Sunset over Bedok reservoir. Venus visible.

   Conjuction of Moon, Jupiter (2degrees) and Venus (10 degrees)

     Same Conjuction taken with 28mm, at Temasek Junior College.

The Singapore Science Centre Observatory. The crowd was drawn by the collision of Shoemaker-Levy. The Scope is manufactured by Pentax, 17" Refractor. Very heavy light pollution. A collection of smaller scopes satisfy the public's curiosity in the adjacent field. Venus visible.

Sirus in Canis Major rising above Changi Beach.

Overexposure of Scorpio. Centre of Milky way barely visible. Unguided, 40sec, f/1.8 50mm on an OM-1 ?400ASA. Loc: Changi Beach

Sorry for the bad focusing, but it was pitch dark. My Astro buddy, Remus and I pose before one of our scopes. (Celestron C6 on German Equitorial Mount/sans MD)

Orion. Focal 400 ASA film (very bluish), COS3 fallout at edges evident. Otherwise a very nice photo for showing the lines of this famous constellation.

  Old Moon taken through a Celestron C80 (900mm). Fuji200ASA. Last 10%. Taken at National Junior College Astro Meet.

Full moon. Taken with OM-1 on Fuji 200ASA 1/30sec, at the prime focus of a 13inch Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain.

Moon through C6 using OM-1 with 50mm lens for afocal photography.  Taken when moon is still low and yellowish. The first time my t-ring-49mm ring was used.

The Pleiades or Seven Sisters (M45) with Haydes Cluster and M1. Focal 400ASA again with f/1.8 50mm on OM-1 at Changi Beach.

Eta Carinae at Left. Note nebulosity surrounding it. Fuji200ASA, f/1.8 50mm OM-1 at Changi Beach.

A Member of the 1AU

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