The 80s

We lived through them so you don't have to.

Yes, I was a child of the 80s. I drove a Big Wheel while wearing an Empire Strikes Back t-shirt with multitudes of jelly bracelets on my arms, jelly sandals on my feet, and lace tied in my hair while going over to my best friend's house to watch He-Man and then play with our My Little Ponies. I idolized Madonna's style, but mom and dad only got me Debbie Gibson albums. I remember when MTV only played music videos, and I thought Martha Quinn was annoying, even back then (but Adam Curry was a hottie). I remember Alanis Morrisette as a kid who got green slime dumped on her head whenever she didn't know something. I walked like an Egyptian, could do the Stray Cat Strut, and aspired to one day blind a man with science. I knew Boy George was singing "Karma", not comma, like all of the kids at school thought, and I danced to "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" in my room- daily.

Well, many years have passed, and I still hang on to the 80s; music-wise, anyways (I refuse to wear neon and am still surprised I did it then...ditto for the side ponytails). A lot of what I listened to really stayed with me, and some can still be counted as decent music, such as REM, the Cure, U2, INXS, and plenty of others. (Of course then, there's always the forgettable ones, like Strawberry Switchblade and the Blow Monkeys, or even such one-hit wonders as Dexy's Midnight Runners that made us proud to know an Eileen.)

A good amount of my music collection is stuff from the 80s, and yes, I even have a compilation set of 80s music (Living in Oblivion, to be exact- I have 5 of them- I *think* there might be a sixth, but I've yet to see it).
Anyways, here are some 80s links I've found. Bring on the nostalgia....

Start off with the 80s Server- lots of cool things, but unfortunately, some of the really cool stuff is for members only (as in you must pay a fee). Still worth checking out, though.

Flashback with your favorite guy who lives in a computer, Max Headroom.

Play Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. (Side note- my mom's met his mom- they both used to work in the Philadelphia school system and met at a teaching conference. This links him to the guy in Titanic who Kate Winslet slaps in under 6 people. That actor's cousin goes to school with me, and through my mom knowing Kevin Bacon's mom, that makes the connection in 4 people- not bad! See how easy this is?)

Do you know your 80s lyrics? Try Paul's listing of 222 songs- can you identify them all?
For help, you can try the 1980's Music Archive, Ultimate '80s Songs, and the big mother of all ways to find words to songs, the International Lyrics Server.

You know you're a child of the Eighties when.... Welcome to 88 lines about 88 things in the 80s

If you're still craving more, try what Lycos turns up in an 80s personal homepage search.

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