Yay! They've opened a Xando on campus! It's so nice to have a coffee place open past 9 pm around here! (It also helps that it doubles as a bar, which is all good cause I turned legal two summers ago.) So now we've got someplace to drink coffee till 2 am, should we so choose.
Of course, I still miss Murph's.

I've developed a chai habit.
Luckily, there's a store downtown that started carrying Oregon Chai (in three versions- regular, green tea, and herbal), so I can get my fix. If all you've ever tried is the Starbucks version, I heartily encourage you to try this instead (for me, the Starbucks kind really just didn't measure up). Besides, this way you get enough concentrate to make 64 oz of chai (or more, depending on how much milk you like to add for taste) for 4 bucks- about the price of a single chai at a coffeehouse.
So right now, I'm happy because I have two containers of regular concentrate and one of the green tea in my fridge, and can now make as much iced chai as my little heart desires. This stuff beats iced coffee hands down.

As for coffee fans, here's my usual stuff:
Since Penn's in Philadelphia and I like to wander around downtown a lot, I've found this listing of coffee places in the area to be very useful- some are good, others could be better, but there's so many.... (here's a little tidbit 'bout me- one person on my floor teases me continously because I was wearing a t-shirt with the molecular structure for caffeine on it the day I moved in, and he's rarely seen me without a coffee or a soda in my hand ever since. I personally believe caffeine to add more to life- late hours, faster heart rates- you know, fun stuff. Don't you agree?

Actually, caffeine doesn't affect me much at all, and I'm not just saying this- I proved it in a biology lab that we had to make up to change our heart rates and blood pressure. The four people in my group decided that instead of running up and down stairs like everyone else, we'd ingest coffee and soda. Well, turns out our bp's and heart rates were lower as a result. Go figure. (That made for a neat lab report too- "we all drink so much caffeine on a regular basis that our bodies will take a much higher concentration to provide the same outcome as in a person who usually avoids caffeinated drinks". I think we got a decent grade, but I'm not sure....)

Here's a few coffee-related links:

WiRed JavA fAnAtiC's The World of Coffee. Think of it as Coffee 101.

To order, simply click on one of the following:

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The Official Unofficial Starbucks Site- but be ye warned- you probably can only stand a digitized version of the Friends theme for so long....
Whartonite? Try a Marketing Plan for Starbucks, as written by a college student.
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(...and finally, for all of you orgo freaks out there, here's a picture of a molecule of caffeine.)

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