The High Cost of Living...

Ah, Death. A great subject, and my favorite Vertigo character (actually, my favorite comic character overall...). Here are a few links to help you learn how sweet and loveable Death can be (that is, Neil's version).

Death's Homepage

Death: The High Cost of Living

Death (the artsy version).

Death: The Motion Picture?

Meet her family, the Endless (shown here amusingly as children).

Meet her brother Dream (also known as Sandman) in A Gallery of Dreams.

Death and Sandman images.

More about Neil Gaiman, the author.

Sandman and Neil Gaiman links.

The Neil Gaiman Collection

The Dreaming.

Soft Places: many Neil-authored/related links to his works.

Ever wonder who Tori meant in "Spacedog" with the phrase "where's Neil when you need him?" Now you know.... He
even based one of the Endless, Delirium, on her.

Info on Vertigo Comics.

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