The Dinner Guest

I must be fully prepared for my guest tonight. All of the foods that I have made for the evening have been carefully selected so that I shall not disappoint such a demanding palate. I have taken great pains to devise a menu in order to please my dinner guest, a man who calls himself simply Renfield.

Renfield is a mental patient of Dr. Seward (who, incidentally, is currently battling a strange disease brought into this country by a certain Count... Dracula, I believe that's his name...), and has been characterized as zoophagous. It is solely to observe this odd condition that I have invited him here to dine with me this evening. In order to help appease my steadily increasing interest in psychologically troubled individuals, I plan to carefully monitor what Renfield chooses to eat tonight.

Instead of serving dinner in the usual "course form" (such as salad, then soup, followed by the main dish, and then dessert), I have chosen to lay out all of the meal at once. I am especially anxious to observe the order in which Renfield chooses to eat his dinner, and whether or not the size of the food to be eaten is an influence upon his selection process. Besides having the usual bread and butter, I have laid out salt herring and sardines, along with several larger carnivorous fish in order to ascertain whether or not he always follows his reported pattern of eating prey and then predator. (I have heard from the doctor that he is quite partial to flies and spiders.) I have also prepared a salad composed mainly of lettuce and carrots and a rabbit dish, so that I can observe whether or not both "foods" must be of the animal kingdom. My findings will help me immensely by contributing to my understanding of the zoophagous mindset.

Ah, but you probably wonder what I shall do if he chooses not to dine with me, am I correct? I am a few steps ahead of you, my friend, for I have made sure to leave a dish of honey out for several days in order to attract what is seemingly his favorite food: houseflies. I have also ensured that there are plenty of spiders in the greenhouse adjacent to my home so that Renfield may, as explained to me, gain the power of the creatures by ingesting them in the proper order.

Hopefully, by studying Renfield tonight, I can fully observe his tendency to eat his food in its "prey-predator" or "lesser-to-higher" classification state. I am especially curious as to which he chooses to eat first: the chicken or the egg?