The sun issues forth
A bright light, as a promise
Of hope, peace, and prosperity.
Like an awaited kiss after it has passed
The memory lingers on.
Because of the light
Tiny rainbows gather on the wall
As rays of light pass through single drops
Of water on the petals of
Each and every dark-red rose:
Sweet-smelling symbols of our love
Gathered together in a crystal vase.
The deepness of their hue is brought forth-
The near-black blooms seem as soft as velvet
From the light that is cast upon them.
The symbolism is apparent-
Not only of deep and undying love
But of the pleasures of it. Each flower
Is lovely, but does not last long; and yet
Their meaning still remains. For as I lie
Outstretched on my bed, remembering the bouquet,
The sunbeams dance across my face
And the true symbolism shines forth-
Although tokens of appreciation are not meant to last
Our love, like the sun, will always be there
Patiently awaiting there to shine upon us
As we lie in each other's arms.