The Written Word

Yes, I was an English major- I earned a concentration in Celtic Studies, to be exact (i.e. Joyce, Joyce, Yeats, Joyce). I've always loved literature, and after a failed attempt at pre-med/bio, I found that this major actually worked for me. Besides, I'd much rather write several papers than take 2 tests for the semester and have a grade based solely on those scores. Apparently I liked it- I earned my B.A. in English in 2000, and my M.S.Ed. in secondary education, English in 2002. I plan to teach English at the high school level for at least the next few years.

I've been searching for odd things to add to my page, and have come up with Shakespearian insults and the like- not too bad. Anyways, here are my English-related links.

The English Department at Penn

The Kelly Writers House, also at Penn (can you sense a theme?)

The Penn Library Homepage. (You can find a great MLA search somewhere on this page under "Humanities".)

Haveing problemms speling? I edvize cheking out a dikshunary.

The Shakespearian Insulter- this one gives you direct quotes from his works.

The Elizabethan Curse Generator guarantees words that might have come from the mouths of Shakespeare, Ben Jonson, and other people of their day.

Jane Austen's Writings

Cool newspapers (local):
City Paper
The Philadelphia Inquirer
The Daily Pennsylvanian, Penn's student newspaper, and its bastard child, 34th Street.

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