An offer you cannot refuse...

Hello, and welcome....

We are nearing the end of the semester at Penn, but do you feel that you can accomplish all of your goals? Will you manage to do well on your finals, to write creative papers, and to succeed in all that you have ahead of you in the next few weeks?

You have conquered all scholarly aspects, such as mathematics and science; you admit that you are smarter than all those fops (...err, professors), doctors, masters, scribes, and preachers.*

Yet you torture yourself in your small, narrow chamber night after night, searching for something more. You know you have the capabilities to achieve great knowledge, but how may you attain it?

I can help you.

Who am I, do you ask?

Do you recall the other night, when you were contemplating ending it all--that is, dropping out of school--because it became too much for you to handle? (It was the weekend before Easter, if my notes are correct.)

Do you perhaps remember crying out loud, "Oh, I'd sell my soul to get into medical school!" Do you?

Well, those are the magic words, my friend. Not the "medical school" part, although that is what your parents have led you to believe. No, your words called me. I am here to help you. Who am I, do you ask?

   I am Mephistopheles.

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