Gaelic Links of Interest

Besides being a Celtic Studies concentrator, I am also learning Gaelic, partly because of my own interests, and partly because I'm a stickler for getting pronounciations correct when reading texts that have words from another language in them, such as Medieval Irish Poetry. (Here you may find words such as , meaning "king" (Ard-rí is "high king"), banríon, meaning "queen", or caisleán, Irish for "castle".)

In that same vein, there are also a lot of Irish Names, and even listings such as that of Irish Names and Index of Places.

Now that you've found you Irish name (or equivalent thereof), look up your family's coat of arms here, and since it's family, curse them out with some Irish slangwords. If you're more interested in the heritage aspect, though, try looking them up in the Dublin City directory of 1850.

If, however, you're here because of interests in the (Irish) Gaelic language itself (and the related slang) or any English influence, try one of the following:

Fiddler's Green- Gaelic Language

The alternative Irish Gaelic Dictionary

Everyday English and Slang in Ireland

To read a homepage in English and/or Irish, take a look at Eoghain Craig Ballard's homepage, or just travel to Ireland on Aer Lingus. Feel free to bring a book or two with you for your flight.

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