Creatures of the Night

Enough people think I'm goth that I decided that maybe I am. I've liked
the Cure for years and like goth/industrial bands (among other genres) anyways (I saw Tapping the Vein, a local band, open for Switchblade Symphony and liked them better). I usually wear black in some form or another, read dark stuff for fun (and love my Edward Gorey compilations), can't do without my black eyeliner, have huge amounts of silver jewelry, and am very pale with dark hair. How much more stereotypical can you get?

Anyways, I've been looking around on the web to find links of interest, and these are some of the more interesting things that I've found.

If you're asking yourself, "What the f*ck's goth?", go here for the alt.gothic FAQ, or here for the FAQ.

I'm a frequenter of, a great newsgroup full of really cool people, and a lot less of the junk that comes up on alt.gothic. (Click here for some fashion links I've collected.)

I like dark comics. Really dark. As in I find Johnny the Homicidal Maniac to be quite funny. Try here for the Dark Side of the Web's listing of Dark and Gothic Comics.

Along those same lines, here's an Edward Gorey website. If it's Gorey you like, you might also appreciate Edward Gorey and The Perfect Drug.

I'm a member of the Gothic Scouts, a far cry from my Girl Scout experiences.

I'm sorry, but this is just too cute to pass up.

Cemetary frequenter? Writ in Water is an international gallery of memorials for the dead. (I believe this one was the subject for the Dead Can Dance poster I have. This is one of the graves from Père Lachaise- you know, where Jim Morrison is buried.)

One of my best friends is convinced that he can get me on here no problem. We'll see...

Carpe Noctem, a nice e-zine.

Gothic gardening at its finest.

A wonderful listing of gothic catalogs, put together by Bathsheba.

The Black Box- pretty pretty pictures.

Looking for someone in particular? Try Fear and Loathing, a listing of net.goth homepages.

Finally, my gothcode:
Goth.Code v3.1A: GoHu3)6(Au2Bi3$ THJtZ9 PSlSaPe B8/18Z"1! cNrDbrSb-w9 V6s M2p3gS ZGoi!! C6om a22+ n7M b56DF H170 g6A????A mEa3@Z6$$ w6AT v4M r7EP p48565Rd D57! h4 sF10N SrNn k6Z N1092PNECH RdSp1 LusPA9

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