Assorted stuff that I couldn't categorize otherwise

Slap a Spice Girl- enough said.

To understand what the hell they say when you smack them, check out Words that Could be Confusing and Embarassing in the UK and US.

What's a Mondegreen?

Celebrity Sell-Outs

Travelling info:
The Roadside America Homepage, and the World's Largest Roadside Attractions.
This subway navigator is a lot more useful, though.

Gender Wars- a neat commentary on men, women, and life in general.

Les Pages de Paris- a photographic summary of Paris and listings of goings-on. (I think the pictures I took are much more interesting, but I have yet to get them scanned....)

Ritz Filmbill- the best movies in town.

The WebMuseum, which hosts really neat galleries for your viewing pleasure.

Greg Bulmash's Humor Page- very funny and sarcastic e-zine.

Visit Monty Python's Flying Circus or PythOnline, should you be a British comedy fan.

Forget to pick up a postcard on your last trip? Try an electronic postcard instead! Electronic greeting cards are also available.

Blender Web: more than just a groovy magazine.

It's Hello Cthulhu!

Mirsky's Drunk Browsing Test: you drank so much that you can't walk for anything, but are you sober enough to use your computer?

Free Art- incredible Victorian letters, among other things.

Really cool handmade jewelry (that's prolly only easily accessible if you live in the UK, but it's very pretty anyway).

Go to the White House, but only 'cause the Penn Band played "You Can Call Me Al" for the VP and he thanked us in front of a multitude of press-people.

And finally, obligatory homepage help: MacDaddy has lots of backgrounds and info to help get rid of that boring gray color on your page. Also try the WebCounter Color Chart, Moses' Lots O' Screen Colors, Boogie Jack's, Stephen R. Gill's Background Page, or stuff from Bells and Whistles.

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