Just Plain Weird

Make a duct tape double of yourself. Uhhh...yeah.

For those with strong stomachs, look at the Infamous Exploding Whale page. (And you thought it was just an urban legend.)

Have a really strong stomach (or a sick mind)? Here's the World Wide Serial Killers Homepage, and a casebook for Jack the Ripper, complete with victim photos. And then there's always the Black Dahlia case....

Try The Sugar Packet Collector's Club to sweeten your disposition.

Chia Pets!

Ever hear of some guy named Schroedinger and his cat?
For other bizarre things having to do with physics, try Quantum Tantra- adults only, please.

White Trash Online: try to find the SPAM, tip a cow, look at TV Guide online, tip a burning cow, and check for ghosts.

Hey- neat! (I think....). Have a look at a church in Czech that utilized human bones as decorations.

Take a look at the trash cans of Disney. Along the same vein are the fire hydrants of New York City.

Kids in the Hall fan? Check out Scottland.

Got an itchy mouse finger? Try Buttons Galore, brought to you by yet another Penn student.

For all of you psycho-pre-med people, here's your chance: The Interactive Patient Home Page. For the younger would-be doctors, try this site.

Can't decide on your own mood? Try out the mood stone for some help.
If you like that, try the Past Life Game, or the unofficial Magic 8-Ball homepage.

The Bureau of Missing Socks

Really looking for something strange? Try the Mad Martian Museum of Modern Madness.

Try Archie McPhee's page if you're looking for that perfect rubber chicken or fake body part.

Weird Science- literally!

Ever play with Lite Brite as a kid? This site isn't weird- it's lotsa fun!

Information everyone should know: how to fill a PEZ dispenser (in several languages, no less!).

...and if you missed lab that day, here's the Interactive Frog Dissection.

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