Poetry, prose, pictures (...and more alliteration...)

This particular page contains some of my poetry, an essay or two, and literary links that are slightly out of the ordinary (i.e. the complete illustrated version of Alice in Wonderland). There are also a few random quotes and my personal recommendations for further reading.

My Poetry

winter storm (December 1992)

originality (October 1993)

dozen (November 1993)

An Essay

The Dinner Guest (December 1994)

This was actually my college essay for the infamous "If you could have dinner with any person, living or dead, real or fictional, who would it be and why?" question. I still swear that this is how I got into Penn....

Online stories and adaptations

In Spring 2000, I created an online adaptation of the Faust legend for my "The Devil's Pact in Literature, Music, and Film" class, which is available here.

Literary Links

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland- this version is fully illustrated, and includes Alice's adventures in Looking-Glass Land.

To keep with the Lewis Carroll theme, here are some Jabberwocky links:

Le Jaseroque- the French translation of The Jabberwocky. For other translations, click here.

This is probably the best drawing of the Jabberwocky that I've found, mainly because it's complete with the start of the poem as it would appear if it were held up to a looking-glass....

Please keep in mind that some of these works are my own- please don't use them without my permission.

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