While researching my honors thesis, entitled "Sexual Apprehension in the Writings of Virginia Woolf," I couldn't help but notice that the web material on Woolf was very scattered and hard to find. Etexts in particular remain a bugbear. I undertook to improve this situation on October 21, 1999. This is an ongoing project - comments, questions and suggestions for additional links are more than welcome. Please email me.        

My thesis was awarded High Honors by the English department of Smith College in the spring of 2000. I then wrote my Master's essay on "Implicit Theories of memory in the Writings of Virginia Woolf," submitted to and accepted by the English faculty of Temple Universityin June of 2002.

I am thrilled to announce that this site was recently linked to The Voice of the Shuttle, in my opinion the best humanities resource on the Web. It is listed under Modern British Authors.

I hope you find this site useful and enjoyable. Feel free to email me with any questions or problems...