Currie/Pottle Family Photos

Mother and Father got married in 1969... "So what do you want to do tomorrow?"
"Let's move to California!"
But first there was some dancing...
...and romancing... ...and then came the seventies. Steven was born in 1977 (closely followed by Lydia, but they didn't know her yet).
Scott followed in 1980. He was a dog person right from the start. A regular slice of Americana.
The boys kept growing... ... and Mother and Father occasionally enjoyed a moment to themselves. Scott met Lydia in Philly in 1999.
Scott and Lydia are owned by the beautiful and talented Mimi Marquez. She tolerates the solo shots... ...but is happiest when pictured in her favorite lounging position.
Mimi loves Daddy. But she still hasn't forgiven Mommy for the nightmare that was Halloween. The statue of Hansa is much easier to get a picture of than Hansa herself.
John is Lydia's brother.
Sure, he looks tough from the front...
...but he has the skinniest backside on the team. Two happy couples.