Virginia Woolf Websites



The Virginia Woolf Web This is considered the best Woolf site on the Web. There is certainly a lot of material available, but I find the interface justly comparable to the fifth circle of hell. Many of the links embedded in this page were found by searching the VWW. Hopefully I have suceeded in extracting the most universally helpful resources and have thus spared you some pain and suffering.

Virginia Woolf on Women and Fiction: An Ongoing Distance Learning Project This site contains the largest collection of Woolf images that I have found, as well as a decent bibliography entirely linked to (shudder). I can't vouch for the scholarship, but it's worth a look. Hint: you can stop the godawful music by pressing the Stop button on your browser once the page has loaded.

The Virginia Woolf Society of Great Britain
This nonacademic site contains much that is useful to those doing biographical work on Woolf.

Virginia Woolf's Psychiatric History
This site, created by a retired psychiatrist/professor, provides an excellent synapsis of the various scholarly theories regarding the Woolf's mental illness. Dr. Ingram writes highly competant prose and cites recent sources - his is one of the few websites I would presume to cite in an academic paper.