The ExoSquad FAQ

(v. 3.1)

The questions are derived from e-mail that I have received as well as general questions that I think might be important. The questions are divided by topics covered, after the initial one, so that hopefully you can find them more quickly.

I have no connection with Universal, so the answers are not guaranteed accurate. Most of the answers were written by me, but there are exceptions, and credit is given where credit is due. I hope you find this informative.

Do you have any questions? Do you have more accurate answers? Mail me, Patrick Danner.

Q: What is ExoSquad?

A: ExoSquad is a cartoon television series created in the US which emulates the Japanese animation (anime) science-fiction epic style. It chronicled a future war between humans and their genetically engineered creations, Neo sapiens.

Universal Cartoon Studios made a total of fifty-two episodes which followed the adventures of a group of ExoFleet pilots, as well as the larger picture of the war. All the episodes were tied together in a continuing storyline that followed the war from beginning to end.

If you are unfamiliar with the show, you may wish to read about The Rise of the Neo sapien Empire. Episode summaries are also available so that newcomers can learn about the show in detail.

The show was also accompanied by a toy line, which was made by Playmates Toys.

The Television Show: covers questions relating to the television series. The Toys: questions relating to the toy line. The Web Pages: questions addressed to me about these ExoSquad pages.

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