The ExoSquad FAQ: Toys

Q: Where can I buy the ExoSquad toys? Do you sell the toys?

A: There is, to my knowledge, no recommended way of acquiring ExoSquad toys other than going to the store and buying them. Last reports were that some of the toys could still be found at a few Kay-Bee Toy Stores, as well as Big Lots. Newly available at KB/Toy Works is a line by the name of Tech Wars, which consists of recolored Field Communications, Aerial Attack, Police Enforcer, Ground Assault, High Speed Stealth, and Command e-frames. Although the packaging and figures aren't ExoSquad, it would be a way to get these particular e-frames.

I have e-mailed Playmates Toys, Inc. (the people who make the toys) and the response was that they do not fill mail-orders.

As far as web pages go, you can occasionally run a search for ExoSquad at eBay (an online auction service that occasionally sees ExoSquad toys sold), or, more specifically, their Action Figures section. Be warned that not all auctioners are necessarily trustworthy.

Others have found web pages that list some ExoSquad toys for sale. They are at and As I have no past experience with them I cannot recommend the people who run the pages as trustworthy or reliable, so deal with them at your own risk.

Those interested in toys from the Robotech line may have more luck at the newsgroups or

I do NOT sell the toys myself. There is no way to acquire them through me. Please don't ask.

Q: Why are there toys on the list that I don't remember ever seeing in the stores?

A: Many of the toys listed with the first line on the Promotional List were never released. The list is apparently that of the original plans for the initial production. Some of these, such as the Pirate fighter, Neo sapien walking e-frame, and Olympus Mons, probably never made past the prototype stage (if they even got that far). Others, like the NeoFighter and jumptroops, were apparently reworked into toys that were issued.

Others, like the Cyberview line, can't be found in stores because the line was discontinued before they could be released in all areas. (It should be noted that fans have reported that Cyberview was released in at least the UK, Singapore, and parts of the US.)

Q: Why does the picture of the Sub-Sonic Scout E-Frame show Wolf Bronski in the cockpit; why don't I remember the Livanus Troop Transport E-frame having that camouflage paint job?

A: I got the picture of the Sub-Sonic Scout at the Playmates toys page, and they actually had it from their Medieval E-Frame link, while their Sub-Sonic Scout link connected to a picture of the Medieval E-Frame. Apparently they just got the two confused, Marsala was sold with the Sub-Sonic Scout.

The Troop Transport E-frame was sold with a plain light brown color. The picture of it that you see is courtesy of Gary Anderson, who had customized his.

Q: Why were Robotech toys released as part of a joint ExoSquad/Robotech toy line? What is the relationship between ExoSquad and Robotech?

A: I have recently been in contact with Ron McPherson of From Art to Design, Inc. He has done work for Playmates Toys, Inc. including art for the toy boxes in the ExoSquad/Robotech series. He responded to me:

"Re: why ROBOTECH was added to EXOSQUAD line. MONEY and Story extensions for the animated series. PLAYMATES Toys needed line extensions and Universal needed more storys so they licensed the old ROBOTECH characters to add to EXOSQUAD because the were an acceptibly close match Up."

So it seems as though Playmates Toys inspired it, rather than Harmony Gold. That would discredit speculations that the Robotech release was in some way motivated by Harmony Gold's lawsuit with FASA over BattleTech mecha designs. It also reduces the likelihood that this was merely an experiment to see if a Robotech line might survive on its own.

The mention of "more stories" does, however, lend credence to theories that the alien threat that arrived in the final episode, "Beyond Chaos", was a threat to Earth in the Robotech series (or was in some way related to Robotech). It should be noted, though, that the art often shows Zentraedi Pods and Invid Troopers fighting alongside ExoFleet e-frames, sometimes with Terrans visible inside.

Q: Is there any way to fix a Bronski Ground Assault e-frame whose missiles no longer fire?

A: (courtesy "My Bronski has done the same thing numerous times, however it's not that hard to fix. Carefully lift up the sticker on the panel above the handhold and remove the screw below. Use a screwdriver that fits well but is not very large (If you have ever received a "Cool Tools" wood cutting kit [they didn't know me very well] use the screw driver that came with it, it's great for fixing Exotoys)! Then remove the screw on the rear of the arm, the panel should be free place it and the screws that attached it in a safe place. Under the panel you will find an another screw, remove it and place it where it won't be lost. Take front of the arm out (green missile loading area) put the firing knob (which should be separate from your missile loading pod [green thing]) down with your screws. Carefully remove the tape that is holding the pod together (if you do a good job you can use it again), remove the casing and gently take out the mechanism straighten the screws accordingly (use your screw driver as a mold for the springs if it is of proper size). It's a little tricky but, carefully put the spring loaded launch mechanism back in it's proper housing, now replace the tape (get new tape if needed) and put launch pod back in the arm and replace all screws and panels remove. You should be done. Now test out the missile launcher, turn the firing knob a few times, gently drop each missile into it's loading bay, see if bounce a bit, gently push each missile into firing position and fire them slowly. If a missile does not fire or will not go into position, you may have to start over again. However there is the chance that the spring in that missile bay is beyond repair, you live with or try to replace the spring in question, but that might not work so I don't recommend it.

"Always remember where all the parts go, this even more important if you remove the entire arm from the body (it's not necessary, but you might find it easier to work if this is done, watch out for small black piece). Also don't lose any parts, i.e., screws, they can very hard to replace.

"I don't guarantee that this will work for you, I have done this at least 10 times so I know what I'm doing, if you follow my instructions and be careful it should work fine, unless the spring is too badly damaged."

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