Old Versions of the ExoSquad Page

I have maintained an ExoSquad page for some time now. As I have added more information and more pages, and more features become available for html programming, the main page has taken on various forms. I have often considered the fact that some of my visitors may have preferred one of the older setups.

Here you can access the previous pages. Be warned, though, these pages have not been kept too up-to-date. If you find that you really enjoy one of these better, let me know and I can try to make it include the newer features.

Original Page: What started as a list of pictures got longer as various pages got tacked on.
Frames: A frame for multimedia, one for informational links, and another for viewing.
Current Page: Pretty much the same as what's there now, only it doesn't have the quick access bar at the top. If your browser doesn't read frames you won't notice any difference.

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