Official Sites

Universal Studios, the company that produced the ExoSquad television show, and Playmates Toys, who used to make the ExoSquad toys, both had ExoSquad pages in the past. Out of respect for these companies who own all the rights to ExoSquad, and in case they ever decide to make new ExoSquad pages, here are some links to their sites.

Universal Studios Playmates Toys, Inc.

The following sites apparently have some sort of official connection to ExoSquad or ExoSquad products, and have been a source for some pictures within my pages:

Sound Source Interactive: has a couple pages regarding the ExoSquad CD-ROM Moviebook from Art to Design, Inc. has a few examples of boxart from the ExoSquad/Robotech toy line
Rendering Plant has some ExoSquad jpegs and an mpeg in their gallery

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