ExoSquad Toys:

(all of which are made by Playmates Toys, Inc., who has been liscensed the rights to produce them)

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This page reproduces a few toy lists released by Playmates Toys for promotional purposes. Because of that they are not completely accurate, some of the toys were not released and quite a few were not available in all areas.

New for 1996!

(Note: I have contacted Playmates Toys and received the following response: "Cyber view was not released. This toy line has been discontinued." So if you haven't been able to find them in stores, that's why. Fans have reported they were released in Singapore, the UK, and parts of the US.)

J.T. MarshTM with Cyberview Night Vision E-Frame

Cyberview Night Vision E-Frame features:

Sean NapierTM with Cyberview Roving Recon Radar E-Frame

Cyberview Roving Recon Radar E-Frame features:

PhaetonTM with Cyberview Sub-Terra Tracking E-Frame

Cyberview Sub-Terra Tracking E-Frame features:

Wolf BronskiTM with Cyberview Thermal Scan-Track E-Frame

Cyberview Thermal Scan-Track E-Frame features:

Jonas SimbaccaTM with Pirate Captain E-Frame

General DraconisTM with Interrogator E-Frame

Wolf BronskiTM with Medieval Knight E-Frame

MarsalaTM with Sub-Sonic Scout E-Frame

Kaz TakagiTM with Gorilla E-Frame

Jinx MadisonTM with Fire Warrior E-Frame

Peter TanakaTM with Samurai E-Frame

J.T. MarshTM with Gridiron Command E-Frame

Two Mini ExoSquad Action Figures in Each Set!
MiniGP E-Frame with Explosive ExoWeapons!
BONUS: All Battlesets Connect to Each Other!

PhaetonTM and J.T. MarshTM with Olympus MonsTM Command Ship Bridge Battleset

Olympus Mons Command Ship Bridge Battleset features:

J.T. MarshTM and TyphonusTM with Resolute IITMHangar Battleset

Resolute II Hangar Battleset features:

Alec DeLeonTM and PhaetonTM with Vesta Space Port Battleset

Vesta Space Port Battleset features:

Also released under the ExoSquad name, as part of a dual line, were some Robotech toys. Because of various requests, here are some pictures:

Officer's BattlePod
Excaliber Mk VI

ZentraediTM Tactical Battlepod
InvidTM Shock Trooper
VeritechTM Hover Tank

                     The 1994 Exo-Squad Collection


     A. Shawn Napier Action Figure with Police Enforcer E-Frame
             -Exclusive Shawn Napier Action Figure
             -Spring-powered Surface-to-surface Cluster Missile Launcher
             -Reciprocating Double-barreled Blaster
             -Neo-flamethrower with Sparking Action
     B. Wolf Bronski Action Figure with Ground Assault E-Frame
             -Exclusive Wolf Bronski Action Figure
             -Spring-powered Grappling Hook Launcher
             -Spring-powered Gatling Gun Missile Launcher
             -Fully-rotating Side Shooters

     C. Rita Torres Action Figure with Field Sergeant E-Frame
             -Exclusive Rita Torres Action Figure
             -Dual ExoSpring-launched Wrist Scythes
             -Shoulder-mounted Neo-blaster Rocket
             -ExoSpring Blade Striking Blaster
             -Position-adjustable Flight Wings with Neo-rockets
     D. Nara Burns Action Figure with Reconnaisance E-Frame
             -Exclusive Nara Burns Action Figure
             -Neo-armor Drilling Torpedoes
             -ExoSpring-powered Neo-trapping Claw
             -Silent Twin ExoWing Attack Cannons

     E. J.T. Marsh Action Figure with Aerial Attack E-frame
             -Exclusive J.T. Marsh Action Figure
             -Wing-activated ExoSpring-powered Turbo Torpedoes
             -ExoGun with Full Firepower Sound
             -Glowing Pulse Laser
     F. Alec DeLeon Action Figure with Field Communications E-Frame
             -Exclusive Alec DeLeon Action Figure
             -ExoSpring-powered 4-barreled Fusion Missile Launcher
             -ExoSpring-powered Sonic Blaster with Satellite Dish Missile
             -Rotating Long-Range Exodish Radar
     G. Phaeton Action Figure with Command E-Frame
             -Exclusive Phaeton Action Figure
             -Secret Spring-powered Claw Cruise Missile
             -Command Claw with Grasping Action
             -NeoSpring-powered Neutron Shoulder Rockets
     H. Typhonus Action Figure with Stealth E-Frame
             -Exclusive Typhonus Action Figure
             -NeoSpring-powered Arm Rocket Launcher
             -NeoSpring-powered ExoCrushing Mace Missile
             -Shoulder Finger Flick Fusion Missile Launchers
             -Scanning Surface Spy Radar


     A. Livanus Action Figure with Troop Transport E-Frame
             -Exclusive Livanus Action Figure
             -Spring-powered Cluster Grenade Launcher with Missile Sound
             -Light-up NeoCannon with Sound
             -Hinged Body for Sneak Troop Landings and Roll-out Directional 
             -"Map Room" Field Command Post
     B. Maggie Weston Action Figure with Field Repair E-Frame
             -Exclusive Maggie Weston Action Figure
             -High Caliber ExoSpring-powered Hand Missile with Missile Sounds
             -ExoSpring-powered Shoulder Missiles with Missile Sound
             -Diagnostic Work Station with crane- Holds Second ExoSquad 
             -Vise Grip Hand to Retrieve Wounded E-Frames
             -Working E-Frame Tow Hook
             -Refueling Station
     C. Marsala Action Figure with Rapid Assault E-Frame

     D. General Shiva Action Figure with Amphibious Assault E-Frame

A-D. JUMPTROOPERS Figure Assortment

     A. FireBoss Trooper
             -Exclusive FireBoss Trooper Action Figure
             -NeoMissile-resistant Frame Plating
             -Scorching Spring-loaded Torchiere Projectiles
             -Exclusive Martian Desert Camouflage
             -Mini Comic Book Included

     B. Heavy Gravity Trooper
             -Exclusive Heavy Gravity Trooper Action Figure
             -Spring-loaded Quadra-barreled Hand Missile Launcher
             -Heavy Artillery Bandolier
             -Exclusive Earth Airborne Camouflage
             -Mini Comic Book Included

     C. Rapid Recon Trooper
             -Exclusive Rapid Recon Trooper Action Figure
             -Neosapien Radar Detection Device
             -Hand-held Spring-loaded Motion-activated Ejector Missiles
             -Mini Comic Book Included
     D. Command Trooper
             -Exclusive Command Trooper Action Figure
             -Spring-launched Air-to-Surface Missiles
             -Exclusive Jovian Ice Moon Attack Camouflage
             -Mini Comic Book Included

A-C. SPACE E-FRAME Assortment
     A. ExoFighter with Kaz Takagi Action Figure
             -Exclusive Kaz Takagi Action Figure
             -Image-guided Spring-powered Projectiles
             -Pulsating Neo-blasting Cannons
             -Blow-off Canopy with Heavy-armored Escape ExoSled
             -Rotating Aero Wings
             -Roving ExoRadar
             -Carries Multiple ExoTroopers
     B. NeoFighter with Draconis Action Figure
             -Exclusive Draconis Action Figure
             -Spring-powered Back-firing Exhaust Missiles
             -Blow-off Wing Panels
             -Pulsating Laser Attack Cannons
             -Position-adjustable NeoWings- Attack, Cruise, or Landing Mode
             -Deploy Claw Landing Gear
             -Carries Multiple Neosapiens

     C. Pirate Fighter with Pirate Jubail Action Figure
             -Exclusive Pirate Jubail Action Figure
             -Wing-camouflaged Silos and Spring-powered Missiles
             -Fore-facing Pulse Action Laser Gun
             -Nose-quartered Impulse Cannons
             -Concealed "Smuggler" Compartment for JumpTrooper Launches
             -Rotating Navigational Wings


     A. EXOSQUAD Walking E-Frame with ExoTrooper Pilot Action Figure
             -Exclusive ExoTrooper Pilot Action Figure
             -Battery-powered ExoWalking Action
             -Spring-loaded Limb-Launched Projectiles
             -Hinged Operator's Cockpit
             -Defensive Blow-off Neosapien Deflector Panels

     B. Neosapien Walking E-Frame with Neosapien Pilot Action Figure
             -Exclusive Neosapien Pilot Action Figure
             -Battery-powered Terra-ambling Action
             -Volatile Spring-loaded Missiles
             -Hinged Operator's Cockpit
             -Rapid Retreat Blow-off Canopy


     A. ExoCarrier Resolute
             -Mini E-Frames and Space Fighters Included
             -Authentic Voices of Admiral Winfield and J.T. Marsh from the
              EXOSQUAD TV show
             -Explosive Battle-engagement Sounds
             -Realistic Cabin and Exterior Lights
             -Spring-loaded Firepower

     B. Phaeton's Flagship: Olympus Mons
             -Mini E-Frames and Space Fighters Included
             -Authentic Voices of Phaeton from the EXOSQUAD TV series
             -Springloaded Firepower
             -Direct Hit Laser Volley Sounds
             -Realistic Light Effects

ExoSquad (c)1995 Universal Cartoon Studios, Robotech (c) 1995 Harmony Gold, inc. Playmates Toys, inc. Authorized User.

Most pictures of the toys were acquired at Playmates Toys, Inc. and pictures of toy boxart at from Art to Design, Inc.

Disclaimer: This page is maintained by me. I have absolutely nothing to do with Universal Pictures, who owns these characters, cool ideas, etc. or Harmony Gold, who holds the rights to Robotech. Nor do I have anything to do with Playmates, who makes the toys and took the e-frame pictures. The purpose of the e-frame pictures is to show you that the toys are so great, you should go and buy them RIGHT NOW!

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There is, to my knowledge, no way of acquiring ExoSquad toys other than going to the store and buying them (they may not be in all toy stores at this point, but many places still have some leftovers). I have e-mailed Playmates Toys, Inc. (the people who make the toys) and the response was that they do not fill mail-orders.

Recently I've found a web page that lists some ExoSquad toys for sale, mostly from the Robotech line. It is at http://ns.netmcr.com/~lorddeath/index/index201.htm As I have no past experience with them I cannot recommend the people who run the page as trustworthy or reliable, so deal with them at your own risk.

I do NOT sell the toys myself. There is no way to acquire them through me. Please don't ask. If you still want to mail me, Patrick Danner, feel free to do so. Please note that if you have any questions they may already be answered in the ExoSquad FAQ.