I love listening to music, talking about music, reading about,seeing music performed's a big part of my everyday. Listed below are some web pages to *most* of my favorite bands/artists. Obviously The Cure & The Verve are my favorites, so I've listed them first. As you'll see there's plenty of other music that strikes my fancy. If you want more information music news, concert, etc. check out my music information page. If you want to see what albums mean most to me, check out my list of Desert Island Discs.

Most of these homepages were found by using Yahoo!'s White Pages of Artists, which is where you could find a page dedicated to any group or artist that I don't have listed here. Some folks prefer to use The Ultimate Band List, but I think Yahoo is more complete. I've recently discovered (thanks Leigh) that another great way to find bandpages is to use

If you'd like to see a listing of UK bandpages try The Wonderwall or The SupersonicGuide.
You can also see an excellent site that has news, tours dates, etc. about many UK Indie acts at * The Universal*. Of course there's always excellent online as well.

Canadian bands? Visit Made In Canada

***THE CURE***         Band Shot

the verve

  • Little Gem: *My own* VERVE page, chronicling the history of the band and their musical influences and peers.
  • Verve Universe: A tribute to this incredible band by Ajay Sharma, a member and contributer to the Verve mailing lists. This is *THE SITE* to check out for lyrics, discographies, and the latest news on their reunion (which was the greatest musical news I've heard in ages!). You can also see the archives of the V.I.N. (Verve Information Network), a list that Ajay runs.
  • The Offical Page: This is the new page recently designed with the help of the band. Lots and lots of cool information here with excellent search engine capabilities to find exactly what you want. Very good for an offical site!
  • Official US Site: This site is brought to you by Virgin Records and has a form you can fill out to receive information first.
  • This Is The Verve: This site is brought to you by Jason Alex, who runs the wonderful Vervehaven discussion list. Get information on the 3 Verve mailing lists and some more goodies.
  • I-zine's "Verve - Hymn Book: Tons of information about the new album.
  • Verve: Tribute: This page was intended to be set up as a forum for fans of the band. Matt (the guy who maintains it) is continually accepting contributions.
  • The Verve Guitar Tabs: A very organized collection.
  • Tab Extravaganza: You have to scroll down a bit but The Verve are there.
  • Verve Fans Unite: This site encompesses the Verve's music and a few other things, wonderfully organized.
  • Check it out the some Verve wall paper based on The Drugs Don't Work.

afghan whigs
  • Columbia Records Official Site: This band puts more passion into singles perfromances than most bands do in several tours. To say that they are a most incredible live act is an understatement. Do yourself a favor and check out what rock and roll should be if they come to your town. In the meantime their albums are tasty morsels of rock, blues, soul, and tons of energy. It's nice to see so much work put into an official site...lots of great info, etc.
  • Merebith Borakove's Unofficial Site: This site is actualy made by a friend of a friend and it's damn good! even more info that the official
asteriod #4
  • Lounge Records site: This band takes all the best of early Pink Floyd pschadelia and adds a healthy does of swirly tripped-out, shoegazy guitars. They're from Philadelphia, too! Check some other local Philly bands on their Lounge Records Label.
the beatles
  • Cheryl's Beatles Page: There are literally hundreds of sites for this band and this site includes links to most of them (for the completests). As much as my tastes may run to the esoteric at times, I always have and always will love this band. They showed us how a great rock band can progress throught a career without compromise.
belle and sebastian
  • Offical Site: Lotsa good stuff here, features the press archive and full discography including sound previews and lyrics.
  • Stuart David's Site: The band's own little hide-out and is their perspective on the phenomenon that is surrounding them.
buffalo tom
catherine wheel
  • The Official Page: Mentioned on the liner notes to their new album Like Cats And Dogs. A very nice page indeed, with news from the band.
  • These Four Walls: a wonderful unofficial site with more news updates than the offical.
  • A Review of the show I saw in Sea Bright, New Jersey.
the charlatans uk
  • Official Site: These guys are so uplifting!. the hell with britpop, this band is one of the few really inspired and passionate rock bands out there that isn't moping around staring at their shoes. they have a groove like no one else.
chemical brothers
the church
  • Official Web Site: This band is by far one of the most creative guiar bands and has been around for over 18 years. Check out their amazing new album, After Everything Now This and 1998's Hologram Of Ball among many of their older albums.
cocteau twins
  • Treasure: The Offical Site, which supposedly the twins themselves contribute to this site.
  • Eyesore: A complete discography with cover artwork from the albums and singles.
creeper lagoon
  • Official Site: This San Fransisco band has managed to combines the lo-fi Sub-Pop sound with strong melodies and a touch of electronica-type production to come with with a really strong debut album I Become Small And Go.
  • an unofficial page: More information on this cool new band.
  • Cruces Rock!: A wonderful band (with a very cool manager by the way) from Carbondale, Illinois...and they rock!
foo fighters
  • Offical Site: These guys rock! This is the official site with a lot of great information: truly a fans site. Unlike the wankers in Oasis' record company they list all the unofficial sites and actually supporting them...imagine that!
  • The FUGAZI Page: Complete discography, help the band with their upcoming film, and a VERY complete photo gallery. No t-shirts, $5 shows, and complete independence from greedy record companies. Learn more about the most respected band whose music and shows are just as intense as they are full of integrity.
  • Unofficial Page by John Henry: WOW! This is COMPLETE! There's a bio, discography with commentary, news, and a poll. Takes a little while to load up though.
peter gabriel
grant lee buffalo
  • Buffalo Moon: Run by Kerry Neill and has caught the attention and respect of the band itself.
  • Grace: Very slow connection, but a nice complete site. Uses frames.
david gray
  • Not quite folk, but not quite rock. Hear and see this passionate and heartfelt singer/singwriter from the UK.
hurricane #1
  • Evan's Unoffical Page: Nice job Evan! The person who runs this site, not only runs the Ride email list, but has also created this site in cooperation with the band and label itself. Ya see, not all bands and record co. people are that bad!
  • The Insatanity Page: This page was made by my friend and former roommate, Mark. His band, some of *HIS* views, various ways to get in touch with the band members, and basically one of the most organized band sites around, period. This site really serves as an example of how good a band site can really be.
the jesus and mary chain
  • April Skies: An Unofficial Page that is way cooler than the official (are you surprised?)
  • killSURF city: This is another one of the great JAMC cites out there
  • Reverence: Another nice unoffical page.
kitchens of distinction
  • WHY, WHY, WHY doesn't this band get the credit it deserves? They are recommended if you would enjoy a mix of My Bloody Valentine, the Wedding Present, Cocteau Twins, Curve, Slowdive, the Verve, the Smiths, Jimi Hendrix, and Smashing Pumpkins. Contact me if you'd like to know more about their sound. BUT if you are reading this and you know of other web sites, any information, or any way of contacting someone who knows what this band is doing currently, PLEASE email me. Thanks!
  • VOYAGER: YES! The first really complete Kitchens site I've seen!
  • Nice Short Page: The only page I know dedicated to the band that has penned my favorite song of all time. A few news items, etc.
  • The Capsule: A very basic page with a nice discography, but hasn't been updated in awhile.
  • The Rough Guide to Rock Music's Kitchens entry. A concise history of the band.
  • Stephen Hero: Kitchens OD's vocalist's new band and their official page.
led zeppelin
  • Electric Magic: A wonderful resource for all kinds of information about one of the best rock and roll bands in the last 30 years.
  • Madonna Songlist: I couldn't leave out the site compiled by none other than my friend and fellow music fan Dave Hanna. Wooo Hooo! You go Dave!
minor threat
  • Official Mogwai Information: You may remember the name from the movie Gremlins, but I can assure you, we're talking about something completely different: spacey guitars, pounding rhythms, and mostly instrumental at that. They also put on one hell of a live show!
mojave 3
  • The Official Mojave 3 site: Mojave 3 are Neil Halstead, Rachel Goswell & Ian McCoutcheon of Slowdive. This time around the music is more accoustic and mellow then their previous efforts as Slowdive. Their new single, "Who Do You Love?" is wonderful!
  • Official Bandography: A complete history, discography, videography, and a few other ___graphy's.
  • Lams Mojave 3 page: The king of unofficial Mojave3 sites.
my bloody valentine
  • The Unofficial Page: The US mirror. A complete site that has all you could hope for about Kevin Sheilds' brilliant music. The good news (if it is *actually true*) is that he and Belinda are recording (and supposedly actually *releasing*) material in the near future. I'm skeptical, but see for yourself what's happening.
nine inch nails
  • I generally look for news about my favorite bands when I look at their pages. This is *the* source of nin news (hence the title...)
  • The Unoffical NIN Page: Considered by most to be the best NIN site (there are many), links to other more sites if you want to see more.
  • Absense of Faith: Another very complete NIN site.
  • Hope and Vasoline: An online magazine from the folks at
  • The Official Oasis Homepage: Very nice! Sound clips, video library, press archives, tour updates, etc.
  • Underneath The Sky: Another wonderful site created by a true lover of brit-pop responsible for The Universal. All the news, etc. you could hope for about Oasis.
  • An excellent unoffical site that was once shut down for having sound files for the then unreleased album, Be Here Now.
  • Portishead Online: The official site of this wonderful band. Haven't heard them yet? They combine elements of hip-hop & jazz, beth's beautiful (and haunting) voice, and plenty of film noir to create one of the most original sounds to surface in the last 10 years or so.
the posies
  • Dear 23: The Posies were one of those few bands who new how to write "perfect pop songs" complete with amazing harmonies, catchy hooks, and tons of energy. Check out the details of their recent accoustic reunion-of-sorts.
public enemy
  • PE's very own website: More than a month before their album hits store shelves, listeners will be able to download the disc in a variety of digital formats through the Internet music label Atomic Pop. Check out the site and see history in the making!
  • Def Jam's PE Page: My favorite rap/hip hop artist. So strong in so many ways. This site gives you all the info you need to be up to speed. "Consider yourself warned!"
red house painters
  • The Red House Painters are the mesmerizing, sometimes haunting, voice of Mark Kozelek, set to the background of undertstated production, accoustic guitars, and some of the most revealing lyrics i've ever heard. There used to be an excellent official site for the band but I have no idea what happened to it. Instead I'll offer you these sites:
  • Unofficial Mark Kokelek Page This page focuses on everything Mark has ever been involved with. There is a lot of really useful and current information here.
  • Funhouse: Lyrics, guitar tabs, and a few pictures. Beautiful design.
  • Mark Kozelek - a website: Another unofficial site with news and more.
r. e. m.
7% solution
  • 7% solution hompage: This band is a breath of fresh air for those who love The Verve's A Storm In Heaven, Slowdive, and earlier Spiritualized efforts. Beautiful music comin' straight at you from Austin, Texas of all places. Let go, slide away...
  • The Slowdive Discography: I can't say enough about this band! They take the sound a guitar can make to a whole other world. If you like My Bloody Valentine or Lush you really must hear this band. This is a complete listing of all they have done and a very nice history of the band.
  • The Slowdive and Mojave3 Digest Archive: Just what it says...
  • Slowdive Information: All you'd wanna know about this truly amazing band.
smashing pumpkins
  • Official Site: Hereing lies a pretty swank way of learning about all things pumpkins: messages from Billy himself, tourdates, etc.
the smiths
  • The Smiths 1982-1987: All right, I've finally given in. After years of never even wanting to give these guys a chance I've finally found myself wanting to listen to them, thanks Maheen, Dave, and Gina. This site has all the necessary information you'd need to start out with, plus if you have a MIDI file capable computer it plays their songs for each link within.
  • Hand In Glove: This page is actually done in cooperation with Rough Trade records and has lots of interesting stuff about the band.
  • whatkind of name is this?: The Official UK Page. This page is wonderful! Everything you could hope for in a badpage: tons of information, easy to use and looks wonderful. Sparklehorse combines the low-fi sound of Pavement, the songwriting of Neil Young, and a unique southern twist to make some of the most exciting American Rock today.
  • Capital Records' Site: Their American label.
stone roses
  • Stone Roses Fan Headquarters: It's really amazing how much influence this band has had when you really think about it. A lot of the bands I love have drawn so much from the Roses' style. So I included this site for your viewing pleasure.
  • Mersey Paradise: Another wonderfully complete band about the Manc band that could have been the next biggest band in the world.
the sundays
  • Unofficial Page: This wonderful band has been out of the press for quite sometime. Here's the best unofficial page out there.
  • The Sundays Everyday: Another great unofficial page.
super furry animals
  • The SFA Offical Site: What more could you want than a suped up, goofy site by my favorite Welsh rockers. If you haven't heard this band yet you are just plain silly!
  • Flydaddy Records: SFA's US label the has released Radiator, Outspaced, Guerilla, and Mwng.
  • Graciously Impatient: By far the best unoffical site out there in terms of design and content. You can pretty much find out any SFA-related info within a few clicks.
  • Super Furry Animals - They Don't Give a F***: A great unofficial site that celebrates one of the UK's best exports.
  • SFA: Ffa Coofi Pawb: I don't know what the heck that means in Welsh, but I can say that this Welsh band is one of the most fun, rocking bands, you'll ever listen to.
  • Creation Records Official Site: A little discography here, but not much more.
  • Pete Fowler's More Monsters: Pete Fowler has been decorating SFA album covers since the singles for the Radiator started coming out. Check out more of his work on his very own website.
matthew sweet
  • The Superdeformed Matthew Sweet Home Page: A VERY impressive unofficial page with just about any information you could want about this pop singer/songwriter. My only problem I have with this page is that it takes forever to load up.
trash can sinatras
  • The Official TCS Site: I really don't know if there is a better pop band out there today, period. Check out a site put together with the love of thier music and the fans that support it. Better yet, but one of their albums and experience what brilliantly written pop music is at its most beautiful. Also check out the contests, write to the band, and hear and hear some of the aforementioned music.
  • Joe DiMaria's Unofficial Page: The best unofficial site around! Joe has done tons of work on his website to promote the band including offering CDs of b-sides, rarities, and live songs. This is the unofficial site that TCS work with themselves and refer too. See for yourself!
  • Dan Tanser's Unofficial Site: Another great site, with a discorgaphy with sleeve covers and more.
neil young
  • HyperRust Never Sleeps: The Unoffical Neil Pages: affiliated with "the Rust List." This page was named in the top 5% of all music related pages by Lycos Web Index.
  • The Neil Young Appreciation Society Page: Made by the folks who make "Broken Arrow," a Neil Young fanzine. Magellan Web Index gives this site 3 stars.
  • Neil Young Discography: After seeing this I don't think any artist has made as much music as Neil Young. You can see why for yourself. (updated September of 1992)
Yahoo's Death Metal Index
  • Death Metal Genre Listing: The only truly underground music left. My friend Mark's band, Insatanity is listed here. Wooo Hooo!

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