Selected (by coolness coefficient) Engineering Coursework

Elliptical Machine
This is an image from a model elliptical machine that I designed with Jon Bohren for the Sophomore Mechanical Engineering Lab. It won a design award for the course.

This is a goniometer that was designed for a Sophomore Mechanical Engineering Lab project with Jon Bohren. It clips onto a belt and measures the projected angles of hip and knee rotation using integral potentiometers. It fully accomodates out of plane rotations.

This is a link to a MATLab aerodynamic and control simulation of a Tomahawk cruise missile that I developed for a Dynamics project. The aerodynamic model is quite thorough (and might be useful for other flight simulations), but I am still working out some issues with the control scheme.

This is a video that I captured with Jon Bohren for a fluid visualization project in the Junior Mechanical Engineering Lab. We designed an experimental setup to sinusoidally drive an aqueous cornstarch solution using a consumer subwoofer. The video demonstrates well known phenomena that arise when driving dilatent fluids including violent ejections and the development of protrusions. I recommend using quicktime to view the video.

Space Shuttle
This is an energy and exergy analysis of the space shuttle at sea level. It covers all of the major engine components. It turns out that the space shuttle has about 10% exergy efficiency, and I'm not sure if anyone else knows this! Note that some of the components do not have fully published details (and some are contradictory).


This is a simplified exergy and energy analysis of the University of Pennsylvania's steam usage in its campus buildings. It discusses the major system losses and potential for improvement. This was completed for Energy Engineering (MEAM-402/502)

FatPoodle is Jon's and my senior design project for Mechanical Engineering at Penn. We are developing a general purpose multiple degree of freedom foot pedal controlelr. Check out the link (in the picture) to see our trac site.