Some Documents that May Save Your Life

File Authors Description
Correlations.pdf Alex Rattner
Jonathan Bohren
This is a summary of all of the convection (free and forced) correlations that were discussed in our heat and mass transfer course (MEAM 333)
MapleGuide.pdf Alex Rattner This is a brief guide to Maple. It focuses on the functions that are useful for the first few semesters of engineering calculus.
MEAM245.pdfAlex RattnerThis is a summary of all of the equations presented in the Fall 2006 semester of MEAM245 (Intro to Flight) by Prof. Ira Cohen.
JetPropulsion.pdfAlex RattnerThis is an idealized analysis of the jet propulsion cycle (isentropic/ideal gas/perfect gas/blah blah...)
Steam.pdfAlex RattnerThis is an analysis of the steam usage at the University of Pennsylvania (Not very complementary).