University of Pennsylvania Electric Racing Team

      My involvement with the University of Pennsylvania Electric Racing Team began last year (2005-2006) under the name of Solar Racing. I worked with Hanz Blatt to redesign the steering system from a luge style control scheme to a standard steering wheel-rack and pinion system. Additionally, I designed and fabricated a mount for the gap adjuster - a geared system to adjust the torque to rotational velocity ratio for the motor. At the end of the school year Hanz and I also collaborated to build a hydraulic parking/emergency brake for the vehicle. During the summer of 2006 I participated on the racing team at the Tour De Sol in Upstate New York. In the weeks before and after the race, I was involved in educational trips to local middle schools to discuss the pending energy crisis, principals of engineering, and the potential for solar and alternative energies in the future.

    Last year Hanz and I were co-team leaders of the Mechanical team for the new car. The current project is to design a high performance battery powered electric racing vehicle with competitive quarter mile drag race times, and a highway range of 100 miles. Thus far, I have been responsible for generating performance models for the vehicle (see Matlab scripts section), designing the suspension system for the vehicle, and interfacing with the electrical team on integration issues. Together, Hanz and I organized the mechanical team, and led the various projects including: steering system design, braking systems, chassis design, driver and passenger integration and safety, transmission design, and tire and wheel selection.

    This year I am the team captain, and we are currently finishing the car.
The team's website can be found here.

Some pictures of the car: (to be filled in shortly)

Some MATLAB models I developed:
Suspension Analysis -  Simulates the half-car model suspension travel (in bounce and pitch) for a given ground model, and outputs power spectral plots for the motion
SteeringAnalysis  - Plots inner and outer wheel turning angles for a given steering geometry using standard six bar configuration. Compares to ackerman angles.
TwoArmAnalysis - Plots scrub angle and camber for a twin A-Arm configuration mounted to a vertical frame.
AccelerationAnalysis - A reasonably complete straight drag model for an electric car