Some Other Projects


This is a sunflower (approximately) that I milled out of a block of aluminum. It was supposed to be a gift...

This is a menorah that I machined of a block of aluminum this winter. Maybe next year I'll make an oil burning one?

This is a radio-controlled hovercraft that I designed in high school. It measures approximately 12x24 inches. It uses two ducted fans for thrusts and a radial blower for lift. The design uses a quarter inch polycarbonate plate which is probably too heavy, a future design could probably use a 0.0625 inch plate without difficulty. The image is a link to a wmv file of the hovercraft in operation.

This is the STWing Toastapult. It was designed to launch loaves of toasted bread at the Penn football games (there's this tradition to throw toast you see). I designed and the monorail track system, and machined it with a little help from Zach Goldberg.


This Mezuzah is another piece of Judaica art that I made in my free time. It is aluminum with a sandblasted finish. I etched the shin with a centerdrill.