Hi, I'm Amanda Wilson. So many of you have written to ask me about myself that I thought I'd come up with a little bio page that will hopefully answer your questions.I am a writer and journalist. I have a degree in Journalism (1986) and since my early days in college, I've been working in radio. My career in that industry is something of an accident. I set out to write for a newspaper, but since there were no openings on the college paper my freshman year, I went to a local radio station to learn how to be a reporter.

Things went well there; I trained with one of the best radio journalists in the country, and I learned how to report. As it happened, I had a previously unknown talent for anchoring and I kept getting jobs as an on-air anchor/reporter. I've won all the awards the Associated Press has to offer a few times over, and a few from the Radio and Television News Directors Association. I was blessed to be a news director in companies where radio news still meant something. I moved around the Mid-Atlantic region and the Midwest a little, including a stint in Pittsburgh (home of my beloved Steelers, my beloved Primaniti Bros. sandwiches, and the fabulous rock 'n roll musician Joe Grushecky). I'm now managing a newsroom at a radio station in beautiful southern New England (Providence, Rhode Island to be exact) and managing a five-station news hub including radio stations in Providence; Springfield and Worcester, Massachusetts; New Haven, Connecticut and Manchester, New Hampshire. If you've never been to this part of the country, get on a plane. It's simply outstanding. The ocean, the islands, the weather which is so much better than you think....what's not to love? (Patriots fans, but you can ignore them!) And it's all you can eat lobstahs and steamahs washed down with lots of beeyah.


My involvement with Alan's wonderful page here started out like most everything in my life: accidentally. My beloved dad--a retired professor and a writer himself--got me a computer for Christmas in 1997. I did what everyone does when they first get on-line: I surfed the net for hours to see where I'd end up. I made up things to look for, researched the most ridiculous things and enjoyed it a great deal. One day, after I'd fairly exhausted most everything I was interested in, I decided to look up my favorite TV show. That's how I ended up here. To say I was impressed with what Alan was doing is an understatement. I followed him to the newsgroup alt.tv.nypd-blue and I began posting my own thoughts on the show there. When Alan decided to call it quits here to pursue his real job he asked me to take over. I did, and it's been a really wonderful experience.

I do it mainly because I love to write. It gives me an opportunity to write something other than "A grand jury will hear evidence this morning in a bribery scandal ...." and, uh, so forth. It keeps my brain moving in a positive way: thinking critically about something and then putting it down in black and white is a good thing. And, of course, it doesn't suck that the subject matter is intelligent, well-considered and entertaining.

By the way, I know it's a big cliche, but no, I don't watch much other television. My radio job is beyond demanding, for one thing, and for another thing, it doesn't pay me well enough to afford HBO. Therefore, I'm a re-run girl: Seinfeld is a biggie for me. I'm also quite hooked on shows like American Justice, Forensic Files, The New Detectives, City Confidential and the like.


I've met some really wonderful people through my writing here. I know a large part of my personality comes out through it and I feel blessed that so many have responded positively to that. I consider myself very lucky that I have a fun, creative way to express myself. I've also been lucky enough to meet some of the people involved in the creation of NYPD Blue, and I can tell you that they are, to a person, gracious, brilliant, hardworking and just slightly wacky in the most wonderful ways. It's an amazing team of people, and I have enormous respect for what they do. I try always to keep in mind that the process they're involved in is a creative one. Each of them puts something of themselves into what they do and that makes it a personal effort. (This is why it hacks me off so much when people launch personal attacks on "the writers" or others. It's probably what makes me, in the professional world of entertainment critics, a bad one. Dammit, I'm just not bitter enough.) Anyways, no one ever accused me of being a professional critic.


As to my personal life, it's probably safest to keep that off the Internet, isn't it? But here's where I come from: My upbringing was very cosmopolitan: my parents are retired academics with an interest in, well, everything. Mom's a New Englander from Boston who summered on the Cape and the Jersey Shore when she wasn't in Europe; Dad's a Southern Gentleman from the stately side of Tennessee. They met in Greece after the war, eloped on a motor scooter to Majorca but ran out of money en route and had to stop in Rome where they married and lived for while before moving on to other beautiful cities overseas. They're both funny, warm, brilliant people who lived the expatriate life in the late 40s and 50s until the babies started coming. My own life has been a lot less interesting so far.


Another reason I wanted to put this little bio together is that I'm always looking for new opportunities in writing. This page opened doors for Alan a few years ago and maybe it'll open one for me someday.

As always, email me if you have a question about me or about the show. I'll do my best to answer.

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