Played by James McDaniel: Fancy rose through the department ranks very rapidly, either (depending upon whom you ask) because or in spite of his being an African American. He and Sipowicz frequently clashed in their early days before developing a grudging admiration for one another's talents -- Fancy once said that if someone he loved was ever murdered, he'd want Andy to catch the case. After serving a superb nine-year stint as the lieutenant in charge of the 15th squad, Art was promoted to captain and moved on to his next assignment. He has a wife, two daughters, one son, and a kid brother named Reggie who's also on the job -- and who doesn't get along with Art.

James McDaniel

A Washington, D.C. native, James McDaniel attended the University of Pennsylvania school of veterinary medicine for two years before deciding it wasn't for him. He switched his focuse to acting, appearing off-Broadway in "A Soldier's Play" and Lanford Wilson's "Balm in Gilead," directed by John Malkovich.

His first work on TV was an episode of "Kate & Allie," but the most important role of his early career on the small screen was a guest role on a late-era episode of "Hill Street Blues," where he played a militant patrolman for producer David Milch.

McDaniel's stage career hit its peak in 1990, when he originated the role that Will Smith would later play in John Guare's "Six Degrees of Seperation." In films, his most notable credit was as Denzel Washington's bodyguard in "Malcolm X."

In 1990, Steven Bochco (who was off "Hill Street" by the time McDaniel had appeared) cast him in his musical cop drama "Cop Rock," and though the show flopped quickly, Bochco kept him in mind, and later cast him as Lt. Arthur Fancy on "NYPD Blue." This time around, the collaboration was a success, and McDaniel received critical acclaim and an Emmy nomination in 1996.

Eventually, though, he grew frustrated in the role, and despite Bochco's attempts to appease him (McDaniel is the only "NYPD" actor who was allowed to direct an episode of the show), he decided to leave the show during the eighth season.

McDaniel is married to Hannelore McDaniel, and has two sons.

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