Played by Justine Miceli: A beautiful but no-nonsense detective, Lesniak was transferred to the 15 after an office romance in a Bronx precinct went public. That experience - and her ex-lover's subsequent descent into stalker territory - soured her on relationships with fellow detectives, so when James Martinez expressed interest, she politely brushed him off. After he was shot, she expressed quite a bit of maternal concern, which James and Greg Medavoy mistook for romantic interest. Eventually, their badgering of her got to the point where Adrienne claimed to be a lesbian - a lie which, on further consideration, had her questioning her own sexuality. She eventually realized that she isn't gay, but all her previous failed relationships made her unable to deal with the notion that James was a decent guy, and she turned into a bitchy, overpossessive shrew. James had to break things off with her, leading Adrienne to feel more depressed than ever over the prospect of finding happiness. Lesniak apparently transferred out of the 15th precinct several years ago.

Justine Miceli

Like Adrienne Lesniak, Justine Miceli was born in Queens, and studied acting from a young age. She attended New York's High School for the Performing Arts, followed by a succession of other schools for the arts.

After appearing in a number of commercials and off-Broadway shows, she received a few TV guest spots, on daytime soaps "As the World Turns" and "Another World," as well as two appearances on "Law & Order," for producer Dick Wolf.

In 1994, she started appearing in a recurring role on "NYPD Blue" as Det. Lesniak, and was promoted to a regular role the following year. But after a season in which the writers struggled to figure out what to do with her character, Miceli and "Blue" parted ways. She's since bounced around in TV guest roles and commercials.

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