Farewell to NYPD Blue: Best Minor Characters

by Alan Sepinwall

All characters are not created equal. Some people made their way into the opening credits and hung around the show for years while barely registering (Valerie Haywood, I'm looking at you), while others were so great in a handful of appearances -- or even once -- that viewers still talked about them long after they were gone.

Among my favorite recurring or one-shot characters:

(Author's note: Looking over this list, I can't help but notice the glaring absence of women on it. Part of that is because people like Sylvia and Donna and Kirkendall got promoted to regular status -- had Donna left the show after her first fling with Medavoy ended, she'd be an easy choice -- but part of it is because, as Amanda so eloquently points out in her essay on the women of Blue, the show featured very few memorable female characters. I don't want to blame it on sexism or misogyny, since Milch writes great female characters on Deadwood; for whatever reason, he rarely did it here.)

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