Played by Jacqueline Obradors: The latest addition to the 15th squad comes, like Diane Russell before her, from Vice. Unlike Diane, Rita left Vice not because she wanted to, but because her husband, ADA Don Harrison, was too disturbed by the idea of his wife dressing up as a hooker and walking the streets undercover. Since joining the squad, she has mostly chosen to hang back and learn from new partner Connie and the other detectives. The new assignment was supposed to be a panacea in her troubled marriage with Don, but his paranoid fantasies that she was cheating on him turned out to be a cover for the fact that he was cheating on her -- an affair that led to Don being murdered by his mistress' angry husband. Rita didn't take long to get over the whole catastrophic end of her marriage; she's currently dating John Clark Jr.

Jacqueline Obradors

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