NYPD Blue, Season 1, Episode 13,
Abandando Abandoned

Story by David Milch & Steven Bochco
Teleplay by Ted Mann & Gardner Stern
Directed by Gregory Hoblit


Sharon LaSalle, an old friend of John's, transfers into the 15th squad. John and Fancy welcome her aboard, as does Andy, who worked with Sharon's husband Jimmy DeLuca years ago in Robbery.

Jimmy's recently retired from The Job, and decides to take Sharon out to celebrate her new position and his new job as head of security at Columbia. In the middle of their lunch, they spot a robbery in progress across the street. While Sharon calls for backup, Jimmy, still stuck with a cop's mindset -- and still packing a gun for his new career -- runs out to confront who he thinks is the getaway driver, but he guesses wrong and gets shot in the back before he can realize his mistake. Sharon, who saw everything unfold while on the phone, runs out to him while the gunmen escape. After telling Sharon the first few numbers of the getaway car license plate, he dies in her arms.

The detectives at the One-Five quickly scramble to try to catch the killers, running the partial license plate through the DMV, checking the surveillance video from the liquor store, and trying to get fingerprints off a shotgun dropped by one of the perps. Kelly and Sharon talk -- she seems fairly rational, and they decide to go tell her children before they see it on the news.

At Sharon's home, Kelly watches as she tells her two sons (6 & 8 years old) that their father is dead. While she takes a moment to compose herself, Kelly tells the boys about what it was like when his dad was shot on duty when was just a kid himself. He suggests that they feel proud of their father, both as a hero, and as a great dad. He also asks them to take care of their mother, and offers them each a business card so that they can keep in touch with their new friend. Before he can say any more, Andy calls on the radio to say that they have an ID and an address off the fingerprints on the shotgun.

John, Andy, and the SWAT team raid the apartment, and when the suspect draws a gun, Sipowicz wounds him with a few shots. Rather than letting the SWAT team take him to the hospital, the detectives bundle the bleeding perp into their car, pull into an alley, and threaten to "operate" right there if he doesn't give up the name of the other robbers. It doesn't take a medical degree to figure out what happens.

The wounded suspect's tip leads them to the getaway driver, who demands to speak to a lawyer as he's pulled into the stationhouse. In interrogation, the detectives trot out the standard spiel about how he'll get a better deal without a lawyer, and he agrees to give up the shooter. One problem: ADA Costas heard the man's earlier pleas for representation, and informs the detectives that he's not allowed to rescind the request without consulting a lawyer first. Sipowicz grudgingly goes to fetch an attorney from Legal Aid. Fortunately, Sylvia manages to convince the lawyer to agree to the deal, and the driver gives up the shooter.

Sharon returns to the stationhouse and tells Kelly that she won't be able to get her husband's full pension benefits because he withdrew from the fund early. He has to leave to join Andy and the SWAT team in a raid on the shooter's house. The shooter's not there, but his mother is. Sipowicz tells her that her son had better surrender himself, because he's not safe on the street with all these cops looking for him.

Norman Gardner, a local tabloid TV reporter, comes to see Fancy and tells him that the shooter contacted him and is willing to surrender himself, but only if Gardner is allowed to film it so that his safety is ensured. After some finagling, Fancy allows Norman to bring his cameras into the stationhouse, but only the ground floor. Kelly and Sipowicz arrest the shooter on camera in the lobby, then rush him upstairs quickly while Gardner asks them loaded questions. Andy gets fed up with it, and threatens Gardner, but phrases it in such a way that Norman couldn't use the tape without looking bad himself.

Sharon shows up again after receiving a call from John about the shooter's arrest. Fancy asks her if she's planning to extract a little vengeance, but Sharon replies that with two kids to look after, going to jail for murdering her husband's killer is the last thing on her mind. The closest she gets to any kind of closure comes from storming into the interview room and shoving a family photo into the killer's face.


Kelly receives a visit from Mrs. Forbes, a middle-aged alcoholic housewife who's trapped in an abusive marriage. Over the last year, she's established a very frustrating pattern -- she comes in regularly to file assault charges with John against her husband, only to drop them a day or two later. John kicks her out when he discovers that she doesn't even want to file charges this time - she just wants him to threaten her husband.

Mrs. Forbes returns later in the day; her husband has beaten her yet again, and she wants him arrested this time, no matter what. Kelly, busy with the DeLuca shooting, sends some patrolmen over to Mr. Forbes' place of business to make the arrest. A few hours later, Mr. Forbes stops at John's desk, telling him that his wife dropped the charges again. He also has some videotapes with him that he claims shows that it was Mrs. Forbes assaulting *him*. Kelly refuses to listen and tells him to leave.

At the end of the shift, John is getting ready to take Sharon home and look in on the kids when Mrs. Forbes shows up again. While Sharon sits and waits, Kelly listens to Mrs. Forbes tell him that after her husband beat her again, she (in a drunken stupor) stabbed him to death. Kelly leads her away as she begins screaming at an oblivious Sharon.


Greg goes to see Donna at her apartment, where she's watching a Ranger game in her bathrobe. He tells her that he left his wife and children, partly because he wasn't happy with his wife, and partly because of his feelings towards Donna. Donna drops the robe, Medavoy stammers "Oh, boy," and they make love.

The next day, Medavoy receives a call from his wife Marie, who wants him back, but he declines. Later, one of his daughters calls him and tries to get him to come home - he says he needs some time away. When he asks to talk to his other daughter, he's told that she "hates" him and won't speak to him.

Greg stops to talk to Donna at the end of the shift. She already can tell that he's going back to his wife. He assures her that he didn't lie to her about leaving so that he could sleep with her. She understands but says that she can't see him romantically if he's with his wife -- she dated a married NY Ranger once, and it was a disaster. Medavoy understands, and he leaves.


Andy and Sylvia's argument about the LaSalle case causes only a minor bump in their relationship; at the end of the day, they make up and go to dinner.

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