NYPD Blue Summary/Review by Amanda Wilson aka puedo01@aol.com


"Cops and Robber"

Season 9 Episode 5   


Teleplay by Harold Sylvester

Story by Bill Clark & Harold Sylvester

Directed by Mark Tinker


It was over too soon....



STOLEN BADGE:  The shine is off John Clark's brand new gold

shield when it's stolen from his car in a rash of break-ins in the PD

parking lot overnight. He spent the night at the 15th after his dad

kicked him out last night (last week).  John also lost all of his clothes

and other personal effects. 

     Andy's almost as unhappy about it as Clark, but jumps in like

a good partner and helps Clark out of the jam.  The young detective

stands to get busted back down to uniform if it's found out: 

detectives usually use a dummy badge on the street and keep

the real one locked up, but John hasn't had time to get a safe

deposit box.

     Greg and Baldwin know what's going on and they offer

to help, too.  The detectives begin by looking for similar

crimes.  It's important they keep uniform and anti-crime cops

from finding the badge first.

     Tony wonders why four detectives are working on the

break-ins and two on the homicide. Andy asks him privately

to trust him, he's just trying to help a cop out of a jam.  Tony

gives him until the end of the day.

     Andy gets a robbery investigation in the middle of the

break-in debacle. Turns out a guy got cuffed to a fence by

a guy who showed him a badge and stole money and drugs

from him. Clark nearly suffers from apoplexy. He says he wants

to tell the Lt. What happened, but Andy says he needs to hang

tight for a while.  Andy convinces the uniform on the scene to

leave reporting the badge business to him.

     Baldwin and Greg have alerted pawn shop owners

about John's missing stuff. One of them calls in and says

he's got a guy there trying to sell one of John's bracelets.

At the pawn shop, John's hopes are dashed again when the

guy with the bracelet leaves before he and Andy arrive.  Two

Anti-Crime cops, Ray Giacolone and Bobby Marcellus, show

up looking for a watch stolen out of a captain's car. They also

want the two days off the captain promised any cops who

collar the thief.  John again wants to tell Tony, but Andy puts

him off.

     Two uniforms come in with a guy who was trying to buy a

hooker and who had, apparently among other things, a badge

in his pocket. Turns out the badge isn't John's.  Andy has to tell

the uniforms to forget about the guy, but they want the two days

off. Andy says he'll make sure they get it when the right guy is found.

    Greg and Baldwin have a guy who was found with John's

bracelet. Maurice Carlisle is unwilling to tell where he got the

bracelet until Andy threatens him with all the muscle in the

room and a roll of duct tape.  Maurice sputters out the name

Jimmy Figgis who traded the bracelet for crack.

     Jimmy Figgis is a dirty, tattoo-covered twitch who ends up

covered in nothing but his tattoos after Andy, John, Greg and

Baldwin rip John's stolen clothes off his body.  He swears he

found the clothes and bracelet in a dumpster and has no idea

where the badge is. Since the detectives can see every inch of

Figgis body and since the badge is too big to fit where the sun

doesn't shine, they walk him completely starkers out of the

pokey room to book him. He really starts to complain when

a new 1-5 denizen, Lisa, nearly bumps into him and recoils in

horror before trying to hide a smile. The detectives pick up his

feet then and begin to carry him down the stairs.  Figgis decides

he'd better say something.

    He tells the cops he broke into the cars, and tells them about

Deacon Ames, a drug dealer who likes to trade drugs to hookers

for sex. Only Deacon doesn't give up the drugs; he usually beats

the hookers half to death instead.  He beat poor Figgis senseless

once after Figgis gave him some weak dope, so Figgis gave him

the badge as a peace offering.

     Andy enlists Connie's help in grabbing up the dealer. She's

unsure about dressing as a hooker but does it anyway. She and

Figgis, a.k.a. Pecker Head, go to Deacon's apartment.  Deacon,

who is wearing John's badge around his neck, gets Connie in a

room alone and begins to attack.  The cops break down the door,

wrestle with Deacon and get the badge back. Connie leaves quickly,

her shirt torn.

      Later, John assures Andy he'll secure the badge. Andy asks if

John got kicked out by his dad, but John doesn't want to say

much about it. He and Andy end on a good note.


CONNIE & ED:  While the rest of the squad is helping John

out of his jackpot, Connie and Eddie catch the murder of a guy

named Jason who is found shot to death in a stolen car.  The car

is packed with all his worldly goods and a plane ticket. His

crotch is packed with 15-hundred cash.

     Jason's police record turns up his home phone. His girlfriend,

 Francis, is there. She's 15 and about 8 months preggers.  Connie

and Eddie bring her in.  She's a mouthy, troubled teenager who

gives them no help at all.  She won't say where Jason worked. 

Connie is trying to take a soft approach with the girl but Eddie

drops the bomb that Jason is dead which puts Francis in such a

state that she won't hear anything.  Eddie is, of course, without a clue.

     The car Jason was found in belonged to Francis' father.  Her

parents are on their way in.  Connie finds through Jason's parole

officer that he used to work at Rose's Liquor store.  She and Eddie

bring the owner, Bud, in.

     Eddie offers Bud coffee, Bud says yeah, and they both sit there,

clueless. Annoyed, Connie gets up and gets the coffee.  Bud tells

them that his store was robbed of 30-grand a few months ago. 

He's convinced that Jason was in on it and that his girlfriend

was driving the getaway car.

    Francis, after a little time to compose herself, speaks with Connie

again. Connie has had to walk on ego shells with Eddie in order to

get the girl alone.  Eddie watches through the two-way mirror as

Connie gets Francis to talk about how she was involved in the

robbery along with a guy named RJ.  Connie even gets Francis

to give up RJ's address. Of course, Eddie nearly blows that by

talking through the intercom at the end of Connie's interview.

Francis begins to freak out over being spied on, but Connie

manages to control it.

     Connie and Eddie sit on RJ for a while. Eddie offers Connie

mints. Connie politely refuses when suddenly Connie spots RJ

strutting down an alley. Eddie is nodding off in the car. Connie

gives him a smack on the arm and takes off running after RJ. Eddie

lumbers along after.  RJ dumps a weapon in a dumpster and runs

out into the street, looking behind him. Too bad he wasn't

looking in front of him because he runs right smack into the side

of a bus and bounces about 5 feet backward onto his ass.  Connie

grabs him and cuffs him while Eddie reaches into the dumpster

for the gun. Eddie walks up and takes RJ away from Connie,

informing RJ that he'd have been all over him if he hadn't had

to stop for the weapon.  He then orders Connie to open the car

door for him.

     Back at the house, Connie and Eddie interview RJ. He says

nothing until Eddie reaches into his pocket and pulls out a

small pouch. From this he extracts a Q-Tip and hands it to Connie. 

He grabs RJs wrists and holds his hands palms up. He asks Connie

to swab RJ's hands. She plays along, really unsure.  Eddie takes the

swab, sprays it with some Binaca, which he holds out of RJ's sight,

and then holds the swab up to the light with a grunt of satisfaction.

He hands the swab to Connie who does her best to mimic the grunt. 

RJ is befuddled.  Eddie explains to him that he's just done a

"granule" test which shows conclusively that RJ fired a weapon that

day (only Eddie doesn't explain it with nearly as much confidence

as I just did).  RJ sits, mouth agape and no doubt drying out.

     Connie tells him to begin by talking about the liquor store robbery.

RJ is even more shocked that they know about that. He tells the story

and then goes on about how he and Jason started arguing over some

Cristal Jason stole from the liquor store. RJ tells how he shot Jason

two times in the head by accident.


MR. ED & CONNIE'S REAL PROBLEM:  Eddie continues his

assault on Connie's good humor by doing the following during the

homicide case: he makes her go into the dead guy's crotch for the wad

of cash, he has her do the 5's on the case, he tells her to "run along"

to get Francis some juice, and, as previously mentioned, he stands

by idle after promising Bud some coffee, he nods off on their stake

out and then takes her collar away while asking her to open the door

for him.  Earlier, he gave Medavoy a bag of crap over making coffee. 

    Connie is preoccupied, however, over the fate of young Francis.

Andy notices that she's uncomfortable playing a prostitute and, at

the end of the day, asks her what's wrong.  She wants to talk, but

backs away. Andy invites her over for fish sticks with him and Theo.

After dinner, she tells Andy that the case got to her because she was

once pregnant and 15.  She tells him what she told Diane earlier: that

she gave her daughter up for adoption and that she's found out where

her daughter lives (Brooklyn Heights).  She asks Andy's advice on

whether to see the girl.  Andy knows she really wants to but advises

against it. He tells Connie that as bad as she feels now, she'd feel a

whole hell of a lot worse if she knew she'd upset the girl by stepping

into her life when the girl isn't ready.  Connie nods and leaves.


BALDWIN AND HIS GIRL?  Baldwin and ADA Heywood bump

into each other in the hallway and talk about how they keep playing

phone tag.  He suggests they get together tonight but she's working

late. He suggests breakfast but she says she's got Yoga.  He gives her

the famous Blue hand squeeze and tells her he'll call her.


RUNNING BUDDIES: John solidifies his new friendships in the

squad by chatting with Greg and Baldwin in the locker room at the

end of the day.  He talks a little about getting kicked out, but reveals

nothing significant. He tells them he's going to stay with a buddy

who lives nearby.  John invites them out to eat.  Greg says he's got

his kids and can't go. Baldwin says he'll go after his run. John asks

if he can join the run. Baldwin says he'd be happy to run with John

since his old running parnter, Greg, bailed on him.  Greg tries

unsuccessfully to convince them that he works out at home.  Greg,

feeling a little left out and perhaps a little envious of the twelve pack

surrounding him, tells them he'll bring his shoes and join them next




STOLEN BADGE:  And you thought Sipowicz had problems! 

This kid has been on the job as a detective for less than a week and

he's been in a bar brawl with his father, had Andy all over his ass,

gotten kicked out of his house, his car broken into and all his stuff

stolen, including his brand new badge. Did I leave anything out? 

    I like it because it shows us what life might be like as a brand

new detective. I've heard a few complaints that the kid isn't seasoned

enough to be working with Andy. Well, hear this: that's why he IS

working with Andy.  He's green, he's new, he's got a lot to learn,

etc. bla bla. That's the point.   An astute reader pointed out in an

email last week that Andy used to talk about how he raised Kelly

from a pup. Of course, by the time we met Andy and John Kelly,

Kelly wasn't a pup anymore.   Now we get to see Andy raising one

from a pup.

     Mark-Paul is playing that pup really well.  It's in his eyes--you

can see him trying to grab hold of his confidence (the confidence

he displayed with ease when he was in narcotics in the first episode)

while he tries to get his footing in his new world.  But he's not stupid,

and that shows, too.  And you can also see the storm clouds in his

face--anger over the situation with his father, and his unwillingness

to let Andy stomp on him.

   Odd that John never really said thanks to anyone for all the help,

especially to Andy who really laid it on the line for him by talking

to Tony and heading off all those uniforms, etc.


     Great work behind the camera tonight from director Mark Tinker. 

Like the first episode, this one was full of movement.  It was so

fast-paced that I was surprised when it was over.

     We've seen how hard it is to pump life into this old girl, NYPD

Blue, from some of the dusty-looking shows of past seasons, but

this season so far--this show in particular--seems fresh and alive. 

I think a big part of that is getting the guys out of the house a lot

more, but smaller things help too. 

    For example, how many times have we seen this in an interview

scene: Two cops walk into the room (pokey room, coffee room,

whatever room) and sit down with the subject. They talk. Subject

talks. They talk some more, Subject talks some more. Someone

pounds the table, someone leans in to someone's face. A note pad

is shoved over and Subject writes something down.  Millions of

times, right?  Tonight, it seemed every one of those scenes had a

new element.  Francis jumped up and freaked out, breaking things.

There were uniforms in the room another time. No one sat down

during another chat. The one with Maurice (the duct tape scene),

included shots from inside the cage.  Someone was stripped naked

and hauled out of the room during another great scene.  Even the

scene where Connie is alone with Francis and does shove a note

pad at her has it's old form shattered when Eddie's voice blasts

intrusively in telling Connie to "run along" and fetch some juice. 

And Eddie's bit with the cotton swab made the scene with RJ look

interesting (not to mention RJ's face!)

     Some of the take down scenes were a break from the old form

as well.  Most notably, RJ hitting that bus.  That provoked an

audible from me. (Strange when you're watching TV all alone and

you suddenly hear your own voice saying, "Oww!")

     I can't pick my favorite scene (the stripping of Figgis? the

near-taping of Maurice? RJ and the bus? ), but I think it might be

the shot of the empty squad room at the top of the show when

everyone has run out to the parking lot. The phone is ringing, no

one's around, and we hear Eddie's voice calling from God-knows

where, "Is somebody gonna get that?"


CONNIE & EDDIE:  What a perfect load Eddie is.  This character

is written so well. The best part of the writing (and acting by John

O'Donohue) is that Eddie does all these things to Connie and he's

completely unaware of what a boor he is.  Here's a man who's gone

through life without learning anything.  The best example of Eddie's

true nature is the coffee scene.  He offers coffee and then sits back

simply expecting the woman in the room to get it. It never occurs

to him that he should do it.

    Connie is doing a slow boil over this, and before you ask, no

I don't think she should blow up at him, yet.  She should, of course,

and I think she will, but not yet. She's doing her best right now to

get the job done and so far, she's not had a good time or place to

take Eddie on for this.  Tonight, of course, her mind was elsewhere.

Her discomfit over her personal situation outweighed her annoyance

over Eddie's piggishness. That was appropriate. Charlotte Ross

played it very well, also.  She was clearly preoccupied throughout

her involvement with Francis, and especially when she had to dress

up as a hooker, and it rang true when she told Andy that what Eddie

was doing didn't really matter to her.  I think it will matter to her at

some point when she sorts out the baby thing.

    And the baby thing.... I've been dreading it, but it was handled

so well tonight. There was no babbling, it wasn't sappy and that's

OK.  Of course, the potential for that exists with such a soap opera

storyline, so I'm still a little nervous about how this will go. 

   I would be hoping she'll take Andy's advice and not pursue it

further, but since I've seen what's coming up in future episodes,

I know better.  What I don't know is how it'll be handled.  If it's

done like the scene where Connie hates dressing up as a hooker, I

can deal with it.  Connie clearly hated doing that. Those clothes

exposed more than her cleavage and midriff, they exposed her deepest

 held fear: that she was a tramp at one time in her life.  All of that was

explained in her reaction when Andy told her what he needed her to

do and in the way she stormed out after the job was done.  There was

no need for exposition and, gratefully, we didn't get any. 



*Eddie may be a louse, a load, a worthless waste of time, but he's so

good at it. And I loved the way he got RJ to talk.  This shows me that

while Eddie is a lazy bastard who will skate when he can, the criminals

are, for the most part, dumber than he is. So it should be.


*Nice placement of Eddie's first boorish act of the day:  We had

Medavoy, usually our whipping boy, bouncing in and making coffee

and chatting his usual good-natured nonsense followed immediately

by Eddie who is the REAL clown of the squad.


*While I'm on my Eddie kick---I love this guy, I can't help it---allow

me to pass along this incredible tidbit about the actor who plays him.

John O'Donohue was, in a previous life, an NYPD cop. He retired as a

(drum roll please) Lieutenant.  So if you need lessons on how to

rebuild your life and have a second career (and hey, I do), see Mr. O.


*One of my regular readers reminded me that we haven't heard

Greg, or anyone, call Baldwin "D" this season.  Hmmmmmm. 

What does it all mean?  ;)


*Nice, however, how they brought up the running thing with

Greg and Baldwin again. I'd like it if Greg did try to run with

the boys. 


*Baldwin is in tight with a suit wholesaler, huh? That cracked me

up. Way to go explaining his nice clothes!  And certainly better that

than his, say, having taken them off Diane's hands when she was

cleaning closets.


*Well, at least Eddie has fresh breath and clean ears.


*So the squad likes Fords: John drives a Mustang, Greg drives

a Taurus. That about sums them up.


*More nice shots of NY's patriotism sprinkled throughout the

show.  And Blue's dedication, as well, since someone went back

east to get those shots.


*I'd like to hear a big Amen that Baldwin and Val can't seem to

get it together. Oh, OK, I'll stop.  Garcelle has been so much better

this season.  (Say it.)


*I didn't realize that the badges detectives carry are dupes. So if

someone steals them, what?  The innocent victim will know

they're fake?  Not.  I'm sure there's a real reason for this but it

escapes me at the moment.


*Best Non-returning Guest this week (that counts out the fabulous

Spano and O'Donohue): Again, a really tough call. Megan Henning

who played Francis was outstanding (and by the way, she really

looked pregnant. Great fake "outtie" on that belly.)  I think my vote

might go to....Carlton Wilborn, who played Maurice. He was the

guy they were going to tape up.  Two close runners up: Lawrence

Adisa (RJ) and Andy Mackenzie (Figgis).  Wilborn has a really

interesting resume. Read it below in CAST LEGACIES.


*It's been said before but it hit me really hard tonight:  Austin

Majors, who plays Theo, looks exactly like Michael Deluise who

played Andy's other son, Andy Jr.  It's uncanny. Too bad they couldn't

have been on the show together.


*Greg got kicked out of his house for looking at a girlie magazine,

huh? I guess his parents didn't realize he was only practicing for his

future when he would be called upon to donate sperm for a poor

lesbian couple that wanted to have a child. Those idiots, how could

they not know?!?!


*Fish sticks...  major kid food.  But I wonder if Theo will someday

draw the connection between fish sticks and his beloved tank full

of fish.... maybe that'll come up in the long-awaited Very Special

Episode of NYPD Blue.



Previously on  NYPD Blue:

Joe Sabatino (Officer Mackey) and Mike Sabatino (Officer Martelli).

I don't know if they're brothers, but I do know Mike was a

champion pole vaulter and hey, that has to count for something.


Laurie O'Brien: (Francis' Mom): She was on Blue a few years

back. She's also been on  ER, Chicago Hope, Picket Fences and

St. Elsewhere. And, she's the voice of Piggy in Muppet Babies.


Carlton Wilborn (Maurice Carlisle):  He was on Blue in 97, and

has also done LA Law. Most interesting is the fact that he's one of

Madonna's dancers. He was in Truth or Dare with her and can be

seen in several of her other tour shows.


Lawrence B. Adisa (RJ): He did Blue in 96 and has also done ER.


Allan Steele (Bobby Marcellus, one of the Anti-Crime guys in the

pawn shop): He's a Blue alum and was also on Michael Hayes with

The Other Guy.


James Quattrochi (Ray, the other anti-crime guy in the pawn shop):

He's been on Blue too, and on Brooklyn South. He had a little part

in Goodfellas (one of the best movies ever!), and he's done some

directing. He directed True Friends, for one, which  had Peter Onorati

 a.k.a. Joey Salvo in it.



Andy Mackenzie (Figgis): He's done a few shows and some directing.

His dad is a TV director and played Carol's husband on the old

Newhart show.


Adam Tomei (Pete, who took Mom to the foot doctor): He's got

a famous sister.


Dennis Cockrum (Randy the pawn shop owner): He was in Uncle

Buck. He's been on West Wing a few times and has done JAG, ER,

Chicago Hope and Northern Exposure.


Jack Knight (Bud Rose--great name--the liquor store owner): He was

Lt. Fitzgerald on Law and Order. He was a guest on Brooklyn South.


David Brisbin (Francis' dad): He's had parts in tons of great movies:

Leaving Las Vegas, Forrest Bump, Erin Brockovich and From the

Earth to the Moon. He played Dr. Babcock on ER and has done L&O

and Seinfeld.


And rounding out the cast: Shawn Woods as Deacon Ames, Ron K.

Collie as the EMS Tech, Megan Henning as Francis, Johnny Savas

as the handcuffed man, Lisa Marie Jabboury as Lisa, Mighty Rasta

(yeah, you got that right) as Deacon's doorman Steve,  and John

Nielson as Officer Palmer.




Who can pick?!? There are too many...here's a sample:


Eddie to the empty squad room as the phone rings: "Someone

gonna get that?"


Eddie to Connie upon spying an unusually large protuberance

jutting from the um....crotchial region of the DOA Jason:  "If I dive

in and he's built like a horse, I'll never stop washing my hands."


Andy to Maurice: "Where'd you get that bracelet?"

Maurice: "I bought it off a friend."

Andy: "What's your friend's name?"

Maurice:  "We ain't that close."


Andy explaining Things to Maurice who didn't understand:

"...you tell us the name of who you got it from (the bracelet) or I

will tape your mouth shut, and after he beats your ribs to dust we

can rip off that stupid mustache."


NEXT WEEK: The return of Eddie's niece Cynthia. 


Have a great week!

Amanda Wilson  <---will write for Cristal