NYPD Blue, Season 1, Episode 14,
Jumpin' Jack Fleischman
Story by Steven Bochco & David Milch
Teleplay by Ted Mann & Gardner Stern & Burton Armus
Directed by Rick Wallace


Janice has been moved up to the Anti-Crime squad, and she and her new partner, a none-too-bright slab of beef named Roy Larson, bust up an illegal casino. Their success prompts Roy to clumsily hit on her, and she blows him off. Roy attempts to quiz John about his relationship with Janice, but John skips out to talk to Lt. Fancy about another matter.

Meanwhile, Sharon LaSalle, back on duty after her husband's death, interviews a mugging victim. It's very obvious that the victim, Mrs. Miller, is hiding something, and Sharon gets her to admit that she was raped. A tearful Mrs. Miller explains that she didn't want to say so because her husband would get angry, since he always told her that by dressing provacatively, she was asking to be raped.

Sharon tells John that the MO Mrs. Miller described (the rapist tied her up with her own pantyhose and taped her mouth shut) is identical to a series of rape/murders that Sharon unsuccessfully investigated four years ago. She's convinced that Mrs. Miller is only still alive because a neighbor showed up in time to scare off the rapist. She goes off to check up on those files and asks Kelly to stay with Mrs. Miller, who picks out the mugbook photo of a man was arrested for sexual assault in Pennsylvania four years ago, about the same time that the crimes in NY stopped. He's been paroled for a month, and just skipped out on his parole officer. Fancy orders them to set up a decoy in the area where Mrs. Miller was assaulted.

As Kelly, Sipowicz, and Sharon sit in the car working the radio, Janice (as the decoy) parades up and down the street while Roy stands watch at a newsstand. Sipowicz notices a weirdo following Janice, but Roy is remarkably unsubtle in his surveillance attempt, and their suspect, sensing a sting, runs. Roy corners him in an alley, and the suspect, not realizing Roy is a cop, threatens him with a board before the other cops arrive and arrest him.

Their suspect, Louis, claims to have reformed and found Jesus while in prison, and no amount of prodding or threats from John and Sharon can convince him to deviate from his story. And because Roy didn't ID himself during their pursuit, they can't even charge Louis with resisting arrest. That leaves them only with the charge of parole violation, which would only put him back in prison for 11 months.

Roy starts bugging Sharon about what she's going to write in her report. Sharon, focused on the case, doesn't want to talk to Roy, but tells him she won't be saying that he blew the bust. She and John finally convince Mrs. Miller to view a police lineup by getting her to think about the other women Louis might kill if he goes free. Sharon also suggests that Mr. Miller come in so she can talk to him.

A little later, Roy gets in Kelly's face very loudly, claiming that John is spreading rumors about how Roy screwed up the bust. John denies the charge, and after Roy threatens to take a swing at him, John suggests that if Roy doesn't shut up, John *will* make him persona non grata around the station.

Mr. Miller eventually comes in, and Sharon tells him about the rape, which he had thought was just a simple mugging. As his wife had predicted, he gets angry, and blames it on the way she dresses. Sharon pulls out descriptions of Louis' previous victims, including a senior citizen and a very obese woman, and Mr. Miller realizes it wasn't his wife's fault. He tells Sharon that she'll testify to "do what's right".

At the end of the shift, Sharon and Kelly are off to get Chinese food, and Roy asks Janice if she wants to get a beer. She says no, and he gets angry, claiming that Kelly is telling her lies about him. She tells him not to put blame where it doesn't belong. He says he'll put it anywhere he likes. Janice tells Roy to "put it up your ass."


Martinez and Medavoy, with Sipowicz and Kelly working backup, investigate the murder of a young woman who'd been dead for almost a week before her body was discovered in her apartment. The building super apparently heard a disturbance on the day of the murder, but when he went to check, a strange man answered the door and told him everything was okay, so the super went on vacation. Andy hears the story and chews him out for not checking further. "Have you got a lot of morons in your family? Cause that could be genetic."

Greg and James find the dead woman's car in an impound lot along with a receipt for some makeup and a wig, with receipts dated *after* she died. They theorize that the woman's boyfriend killed her, and that the wig and makeup are for a "backup girlfriend," and head off to Astoria, Queens to visit the store where the wig and makeup was purchased.

Medavoy returns to the precinct in a seeming state of shock, and tells Fancy that the "backup girlfriend" is actually the guy himself. Medavoy attributes it to the fact that the guy is a crackhead (there was drug paraphernalia found in the dead woman's apartment). Fancy tells Greg to have the two employees of the wig shop -- a pair of irritating chatterboxes who both seem attracted to James -- to look at a photo array in hopes of picking out their suspect.

The women find his photo, and Fancy orders a stake-out set up near the man's buidling. Unfortunately, the two wig shop women are the only ones who can identify what the killer looks like in drag, so Greg and James are forced to endure sitting in the surveillance van overnight with them. In the morning, Sipowicz and Kelly arrive to relieve them. Just as they get in the van, the perp, in full drag, shows up. Andy tells him not to run, or he'll get hurt. The perp hitches up his miniskirt anyway and starts sprinting. Andy tries to grab him, but he gets his new tooth (see Plot Three) knocked out. Finally, Kelly tackles the guy, knocking off the man's wig in the bargain. Andy, not a wig-lover after his experiences with Alfonse Giardella, takes out his frustrations about the tooth on the synthetic hair.


Andy's in agony over a toothache, which puts him in a lousy mood - his tirade against the building super in Greg and James' case comes with little provacation. Worsening that mood is the discovery that one of the prostitutes arrested by Janice and Roy is Lois, the hooker who set him up to get shot by Giardella. When Janice tells him that Lois asked for his help with bail, Andy angrily peels off a wad of money, gives it to Janice, and tells her to tell Lois to leave him the hell alone.

Sylvia Costas stops by Andy's desk to ask if she can come over that night. Andy says it's a bad time, and starts using his tooth as an excuse, when Lois, free on bail, walks by and thanks Andy. Sylvia looks suspicious.

Eventually, the pain in Andy's tooth becomes so great that he goes to see a dentist recommended by John. He's in severe pain from the drill (he won't take novacaine because he has a fear of needles) when the hygenist comes in and announces that Dr. Jack Fleischman, the other dentist in the practice is out on the window ledge and ready to jump. Sipowicz goes out to talk to him. Fleischman tells him that he's an embezzler and an adulterer and that he doesn't deserve to live. Sipowicz tries to stall for more qualified personnel to deal with the situation, but when Fleischman asks if Andy thinks people can really change, he takes too long contemplatingh his answer, and Fleischman jumps to his death.

That night, Lois returns to pay him back for the bail money. Andy mocks her, commenting on the fact that she was able to earn all that money back in only a few hours. She asks him to dinner, saying she wants to explain about the Giardella thing. While Sylvia, who's looking at some files, watches discreetly, Andy says yes and they go out.

At dinner, Lois apologizes profusely for the Giardella incident, claiming that he threatened her life. She begs Andy to forgive her, which he does very insincerely. She orders him a Scotch; he tells her he doesn't drink anymore, but she keeps trying to goad him, saying that the two of them can be just like they used to be. Andy stares at the drink for a moment, considering it, before getting up, grabbing his coat, and saying goodbye to Lois for good.

The next night, Andy goes to talk to Sylvia, who's been giving him the cold shoulder since he went to dinner with Lois. She's furious that he would still want to go out with a hooker when he has her. He tries to explain, but can't quite find the words, though he says that he's realized -- contrary to what Jack Fleischman said -- that people can change. Sylvia understands, though, and finally tells Andy "let me know when you're ready." She kisses him on the cheek and walks off.

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