NYPD Blue: Summary/Review by Amanda Wilson aka Puedo01@aol.com

Season 7, Episode 8
"Along Came Jones" 2/23/00
Teleplay by Meredith Stiehm
Story by David Milch & Bill Clark
Directed by Mark Tinker

I think we've got a home run from Steihm and Tinker (and Milch and Clark) (and Hank! and Josh) If you missed it, shame on you for not keeping up with the odd schedule. Read the summary below. If you saw it, check out the review and quick hits and tell me what you think.


We learn a little more about Danny when he wakes up from a nightmare in which he's inside a burning house trying to save his sisters. His mother is outside the house and instead of reaching through a window to save the girls, she stands idle, bitching at Danny. This unsettling dream leads him into an argument with Mary who's in bed with him and planning a few domestic activities for her day off. (Making gnocchi, I believe...see quick hits below) He makes it clear he'd rather she do that at her place.

At the end of the day, Danny waits outside for Diane to come out. He wants her advice about Mary but doesn't tell her much about what's going on. He says he's been a jerk to her and that he doesn't want to hurt her. He admits that he wants to be with someone but doesn't want to hurt anyone. Diane's at a loss as to what to say. He thanks her with a kiss on the cheek which she returns, kissing his cheek. They separate awkwardly. Danny leaves nervously. Diane leaves confused.


Diane and Jill investigate a grisly death in which a girl, Edie, was thrown from a van into the path of a city bus which ran over her. They find that she's died from a massive heroin overdose and has been "gutted like a fish." They figure she's been a drug mule who OD'ed on her way back from South America or somewhere when the condoms in her stomach broke and killed her.

They pick up her, Luke, who appears to be sick with the flu. He's not very convincing as he's totally cheesy when he hears how she died and as the idiot is wearing a serape (something no one noted in the dialogue, but there it was, all over him like white on rice.) They suspect the real reason he's sick is because he's also carrying drugs in his body and is trying to "pass" them. The poor beleaguered Josh and Hank! get the unhappy task of watching for what might pass.

When the little balloons of joy begin coming along, they're falling down the boyfriend's pants as Josh and Hank drag him down the hallway. Jill and Diane join the boys in the bathroom as the process continues and convince the boyfriend to talk. He admits that Edie died in the van but doesn't know how she got cut up and thrown out. He tries to say his eyes were closed. Realizing this won't work, he leads them to Rico.

Rico's a smarmy mother who thinks he's smarter than Jill and Diane. No way he's gonna let them get him for murder. He won't admit he was in the van but says if he was there, the girl was dead when he cut her up. Jill comments that it meant nothing to him to have cut up a corpse. He thinks he's caught her now--telling her she admitted the girl was a corpse and that means what he did was not murder. He smiles. That is, until he's reminded by Jill and Diane that while he may not have done murder, he did just admit to the drug smuggling which will get him 15 years minimum. Mr. Smarty Clown tries to retract the statement which leads to the LOW below.


Medavoy and Jones catch the case of two missing children from a Russian immigrant family. Their mother thinks their father has done something with them. He'll admit only that he took them to his sister's after he fought with his wife. The husband is, at the very least, abusive. He's also racist, immediately balking at having Jones work the case. Jones asks Andy and Danny to join the initial interview and gets advice from Andy who tells him not to assume the rest of the family will be prejudiced as well because that will only get in his way. Greg and D take off to the sister's house where they find nothing.

The wife returns later with a photo of the children and information that her husband has gone to the hospital because he's hearing voices. Danny and Andy move quickly to go pick him up, knowing they can't question him if he's been admitted to the psych ward and not willing to let him be classified as a nut before they can try to close the case.

They bring the nut in and figure and have a near-violent chat with him. Andy and Danny figure he's killed the boys and left them in the basement of one of the apartments he manages. The nut rants on about being dominated by "black devils." Andy and Danny go off to find the kids and Andy suggests D might get something out of him since he's afraid of the "dominant black devils." Baldwin is unsure but goes in and plays it perfectly by not speaking for a long time. Finally the nut begins talking about how he's protected his kids from the dominants. Baldwin says simply, "Give them to me." The man confesses he's killed them.

Andy and Danny, however, find the bodies. Later, Greg tells Baldwin he's willing to lie that he heard the confession too for corroboration. Danny and Andy want Baldwin to lie in his report that they gave the nut his rights earlier. Baldwin's not pleased that he's being watched by everyone and tells them all to back off a bit, bitching especially at Andy.

Later, Greg, Danny and Andy make it clear to him that backing each other up in the form of lying is "just doing squad work." Danny clarifies by pointing out that they're all working for the victims and the potential future victims; when they know they have to lock the guy up, they do what it takes. Jones is OK with this, but when Andy tries twice to joke with him he returns with a cold shoulder and then a final insult accusing Andy of being racist.

Greg and Danny both jump on D, telling he had no cause to do that because Andy's never done anything to him. He justifies it by saying Andy earned it elsewhere but Greg and Danny don't buy that. Fancy hears it all but says nothing. D feels bad about it, but later thanks a still-miffed Andy for his help.  



Danny said he was confused when he first met Mary. No question about that tonight. I think we may be nearing the end of the Mary Days. I am not sure at all what Danny wants--seems like he really does want Diane, and that Diane may be willing to explore it (though it clearly wouldn't be easy for her to do). He seems to be trying to get read off of her but all he's getting is uncertainty. He likes Mary, but probably knows she's not "the one."

Left with no clear direction from Diane, he returns to Mary to make the best of it. Poor Mary. She's gonna get burned for sure.

As for his dream--a small tidbit of the story of Danny's past. We have more confirmation that his mother let him down in a big way in his childhood. Mary's domesticity is putting him off at a very deep level. If Diane and Danny are destined to be together, this may be the way to it: Seeing more of Danny's mind may make it easier to see them together. It'd be totally different from the raw sex appeal of the Diane/Bobby

relationship and more akin to the connection Andy and Sylvia had. Not sure yet what I think of all that, but I'll say this: Rick Shroder's doing a pretty good job at being Mr. Confusion.


The best story of the show, hands down. Maybe one of the best of the season. Hats off to one of my favorite writers, Meredith Steihm. This was clever, different, funny, horrific AND had a punch line. All that, and it was short and to the point. I loved it.

And a nod and a wink to director Mark Tinker who always makes the same old faces and places look different and new. Especially the scene with Luke in the hallway and bathroom (see quick hits below).

And kudos as well to Kim Delaney again. This story and her performance made me think again that so far this season, Kim Delaney is acting circles around everyone. She seemed so in her element in that interview with Rico. I can remember when she seemed like a fish out of water doing stuff like that---now, hell, she's damn near better than Dennis Franz. (She certainly was in this episode.)


The crime here took a back seat most of the time to the relationship between Sip and D. Sip proved me right from last week's review here--if he's got any problem with Jones it's not because Jones is black but because Jones worked the Bias Unit and Andy's afraid he's going to be pegged as a racist.

That's just what happened. Andy gave him a fair shake all day. Jones misunderstood why Andy wanted him to talk to the nut; Jones got very defensive when everyone was telling him how it is in squad work; he wouldn't let Andy joke with him, and finally, he blasted Andy with the "u" word: "us."

So, the twist here is what I suspected: Andy's the victim now instead of being the one who victimizes.

I was disappointed that Art just sat there. Maybe he's letting the kid figure it out for himself, but hey, he's a manager, right? He needs to say something when the beta dogs are starting to rip each other up. Maybe they're saving this for some later heart-to-heart....

OK, let them make up and let's move on.

As for Jones as detective: he was awesome in the interview with the noodle-head. That scene looked so good. The powerful "give them to me." He didn't need any tribal gear--he just sounded like the Big Black God. Totally cool.



Sheeri Rappaport returns as Mary; Henry Murph as our beloved Hank (aka Detective Harold); Ray LaTulipe as poor Josh.

Elizabeth Dennehy (Melanie Pratt)--She's new to Blue but was on the soap "Guiding Light" in 88 and 89. She was also on "Seinfeld" twice. Elizabeth's dad is well-known actor Brian Dennehy.

Silas Weir Mitchell (Luke): He was on Blue's "Remembrances of Humps Past" in 97. He's also been a guest on "X Files" and "ER."

Raymond Cruz (Rico): Huge list of movie credits, but also a Blue in his past. He played in the 95 episode "Heavin' Can Wait." You may also have seen him in "The Practice" and the "X Files."

Rounding out the cast: Pavel Lychnikoff (John Shenkov); Natasha Adreichenko (Leah Shenkov); Lance E. Nichols (bus driver).

My thanks, as always, to Alan Stamm for helping out with the cast lists. We wouldn't have this fun feature without him!


Only a few from me...I gotta get some shut eye....

Hank & Josh (aping Jill & Diane to see who had to stay in the stall with Luke): Once, Twice, Thrice, Shoot!
Hank: One small win for the black man!

 Josh to Luke: "The basin's full stand up a second."
Luke: "OK, but I'm a roll."

 Rico, realizing Jill and Diane have just caught him confessing: "I withdraw everything I just said."
Diane: "Ever try to squeezing the toothpaste back into the tube, Rico."
(Did I mention Delaney was awesome in this? Damn. Watch it again!)


Andy has a date! And we're back on our regular Tuesday at 10pm schedule.

Apologies for errors, omissions, other screw ups. Stayed up late to watch this one!

Pretty Awesome, wasn't it?

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