The 15th Squad & Friends
  • Detective Andy Sipowicz
  • Detective John Clark Jr.
  • Detective Greg Medavoy
  • Detective Baldwin Jones
  • PAA John Irvin
  • Sgt. Eddie Gibson
  • ADA Valerie Haywood
  • Detective Rita Ortiz
  • Detective Connie McDowell (on maternity leave)
  • Captain Arthur Fancy (transferred)
  • Detective Diane Russell (transferred)
  • Detective Jill Kirkendall (resigned)
  • ADA Sylvia Costas (deceased)
  • Detective Bobby Simone (deceased)
  • Detective Danny Sorenson (deceased)
  • Detective John Kelly (resigned)
  • PAA Donna Abandando (resigned)
  • Detective Adrienne Lesniak (transferred)
  • Sergeant James Martinez (transferred)
  • Officer Janice Licalsi (resigned)
  • Laura Michaels Kelly
  • Lieutenant Tony Rodriguez (retired)
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